Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

So as I'm sure you all know Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast recently, we finally got power back and thank the lord, it's been out since Monday and it's so not fun with little ones.  There was just a lot of wind, luckily not a lot of water on our end here in Jersey can't say the same for other people. Here are some local pictures as we took a walk around yesterday.
This was massive it was taller than me

Yes this tree is sitting on only one car but all four cars in the driveway were hit by the tree.
This nice new car got the back window smashed in by a tree

This is across the street from me a tree branch fell and is lying on power lines, on the other side my side is the cable wire that is lying on the floor.


Another shot of the four cars, look at that looks so unreal.

Now this might be minor to what happened in some locations in NJ and NY
This is the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, underwater

this pier at Seaside Heights is gone, it will never be the same again

Atlantic City

Little Ferry, NJ

Arial view

This pier is done, Seaside Heights is done, what are we going to do next summer, it's just crazy.

But we will all survive and move on from this and be better people because of it.  Right now there are a lot of people without power and believe me I know it's no picnic.  There is just so much going on today on my first day back to work I finally had a minute to myself and that's when it all really hit me, this really is devastating. 

Not to mention today is also Halloween, it's been rescheduled by our county to be the following Wednesday it's so sad because i don't remember a time when I didn't go out trick or treating on Halloween and I'm so craving some candy too lol.  So sad.  Prayers and sympathies to all those out there that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. 

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Unknown said...

OMG glad the power's back on. Those photos are unreal.