Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Ramblings (5)

So it's Thursday ... Yah! One more day closer to the weekend.  You feel me?  I know you do especially if you're sitting at work with not really a lot of work to do and you're trying to pass the time without going insane.  Yes, you know what I mean.

Been contemplating a new Kindle, only because my Kindle fire has become temperamental to which chargers it wants to charge for and it has to be at a specific position or it won't charge.  I feel like back in the day when you had a Nintendo and you had to blow in the cartridges for the game to work, know what I mean?  Ha, I'm sure if you're reading this and you're like whats a Nintendo I may have to put my head down and just go man I'm old lol.  Hey at least I didn't say Atari! Or A-track, is that how it's spelled I don't know I've never seen one of those just like my kids will never see a cassette tape lol.  Oh how the times have changed, but back to my Kindle.  Yes so I'm contemplating the Paper white.  Just read about it on another blog and was contemplating it even more now.  Should I, Shouldn't I?  That is the question.  But then it's like maybe I should get the new kindle fire because it has a camera and how cool would that be.  Eh I don't know maybe someone will gift me one for Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas I was thinking about getting my 2 year old the below for Christmas because she is always on my kindle (that's why I need a backup).

Kurio Kids Tablet with Android 4.0 - 7 inch 4 GB

Does anyone have one, or know anyone who has one?  I just want to know if it's a good idea or not.  Will she not like it because it's not the Kindle.  I don't know.  So hard!

Yesterday I made a cake even though I wasn't feeling too hot, what do you think?  It wasn't my best but again i wasn't feeling well.

Ok enough of the ramblings it's time for me to get some stuff done, maybe.  Who knows, the only thing I feel like doing is curling myself under the covers reading a good book with all the lights off and only the tv playing softly in the background lol. 

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