Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Left to Love

Left to Love
By Jolene B. Perry
Release Date:
Series: The Next Door Boys

Leigh’s life is shaping up to be pretty perfect.

She married the father of a little boy she fell in love with. They live in a nice house, on a quiet street, and her hobby of a sewing business is keeping her busier than she ever imagined. She’s back in touch with her brother who she hasn’t seen since she was a child, and her new husband has an “in” for his dream job when he graduates in the spring.

But when her small symptoms begin to lead up to something big - she has to face the shattering realization that her cancer is back.

Leigh struggles with her new marriage, her faith, her desire to adopt the little boy who calls her mom, and the strength to keep fighting for her life.

Again Jolene has me hooked from thee very beginning, she really is a great writer and I can only imagine what it took her to write this book.  The second book in the series and it was pure emotion.  We are back with Leigh and she has finally gotten married and is in the process of adopting Nathan, only to find out that she's just not feeling as great as she should be.

The cancer is back, and this is where our story begins.  It's always sad to read about sickness but when it happens again to someone who seems like such a great person it's hard to understand but these things can only make you stronger.  Brian is trying his hardest to accommodate Leigh as best as he can.  For a while things seem to be good, a routine has been made and even Nathan is helping out.  She even meets a fellow cancer patient during Chemo, Andy.  She's great and funny and really keeps Leigh's thoughts away from everything that is really going on.  But she had a type of cancer that was inoperable and when Andy passes away, Leigh just gives up. 

It's hard when everyone is fighting for you but you just don't seem to see any light at the end of the tunnel in a good way.  Everyone is changing, everything is changing.  People are having babies, moving away, doing new things and Leigh is just there, sick with Brian doing everything to take care of her.  It breaks her heart that he has to do everything and she just gives up. 

This book really shows the struggle Leigh has with everything she has around her and how she realizes that she doesn't have to do it alone.  It's very sweet and sad at the same time but puts your hopes up for the best for all the characters.  This was a really great series and I"m happy I had the opportunity to read it because now only good things could come to all. 

Cancer is a really hard thing to grow through but when you are a survivor and are surrounded by people who love you as much as everyone loved Leigh it really goes to show you how that can get you through anything. 

I really love the cover too because it just seems so sweet and you could see the togetherness they have just being together and seems like they are enjoying their time together.

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