Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

So as I'm sure you all know Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast recently, we finally got power back and thank the lord, it's been out since Monday and it's so not fun with little ones.  There was just a lot of wind, luckily not a lot of water on our end here in Jersey can't say the same for other people. Here are some local pictures as we took a walk around yesterday.
This was massive it was taller than me

Yes this tree is sitting on only one car but all four cars in the driveway were hit by the tree.
This nice new car got the back window smashed in by a tree

This is across the street from me a tree branch fell and is lying on power lines, on the other side my side is the cable wire that is lying on the floor.


Another shot of the four cars, look at that looks so unreal.

Now this might be minor to what happened in some locations in NJ and NY
This is the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, underwater

this pier at Seaside Heights is gone, it will never be the same again

Atlantic City

Little Ferry, NJ

Arial view

This pier is done, Seaside Heights is done, what are we going to do next summer, it's just crazy.

But we will all survive and move on from this and be better people because of it.  Right now there are a lot of people without power and believe me I know it's no picnic.  There is just so much going on today on my first day back to work I finally had a minute to myself and that's when it all really hit me, this really is devastating. 

Not to mention today is also Halloween, it's been rescheduled by our county to be the following Wednesday it's so sad because i don't remember a time when I didn't go out trick or treating on Halloween and I'm so craving some candy too lol.  So sad.  Prayers and sympathies to all those out there that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. 

Vampire Rules Scavenger Hunt

Want to win two ebooks by K.C. Blake?

Scavenger Hunt: Are you a good hunter? Let's find out.

How to play: Read 'my' version of The Three Bears and find the eight Halloween words embedded in the story. For instance, witch. Write these words down and email them to me at  If you are one of the first ten to do this, you will win free digital copies of Vampires Rule and Werewolves Rule. Now, to be fair, Vampires Rule is already free at Smashwords. So even if you don't win both books, you can download that one for free. Go ahead and tell all your book-loving friends.

What is Vampires Rule about? Jack has always beat the odds... at least until now. When he was attacked by a werewolf, vampires saved him. When he got tired of living the vampire life, another werewolf attack freed him, making him human again. Now Jack just wants to live a normal life, but what's normal about a hunter girlfriend, a brother who wants to stake him to be on the safe side, and a head werewolf building an army to rule the world?

Are you sick of vampires? Don't worry. This book has a new hook and a new mythology for the creatures.

Why am I doing this? Shifters Rule (the third book) is being released today, October 31rst, 2012. Don't miss out on a cool series filled with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and hunters.

Now, let the hunt begin:

Once upon a time there were bears. There was a mama bear, a papa bear, and a baby bear. Mama bear made porridge for breakfast, and they all sat down to eat. Papa Bear said, “My porridge is too hot.” Mama Bear said, “My pumpkin is too cold.” Baby Bear didn’t even try his because he wanted pancakes. Papa Bear thought they should take a walk while his porridge cooled. So they did.

While they were gone, a young girl named Goldilocks stumbled upon their cabin. The door was open so she went inside. She tried the porridge. One was too hot. One was too cold. But the third was just right. She ate until it was gone.

Next, she went to the living room to watch some television. She sat in one chair after another. One was too big. One was too narrow. The last one was just creepy, but it broke when she tried to sit on it.

She was tired, so she went upstairs to find a bed. There were three skeletons in the bedroom. The first bed was too hard. The second was too soft. But the last one was just right. She fell asleep.

That’s when the three black cats came home. Papa Bear stared at his porridge. “Someone took a bite of my porridge.” Mama Bear said, “Someone took a bite of my witch.” Baby Bear laughed. “Someone ate my porridge all up so now I get pancakes, right?”

Papa Spider decided they needed to check the other rooms for the intruder. They went into the living room first. Papa Bear checked his chair. “Someone sat in my chair.” Mama Bear repeated, “Someone sat in my chair.” Baby Bear said, “Someone broke my chair. Can I have a bean bag now?”

Papa dragged them up the stairs to the bedroom. When they walked in, they stared at the bed closest to the door. Papa Bear said, “Someone has been sleeping in my bed.” Mama Bear said, “Someone has been sleeping in my grave.” Baby Bear pointed. “Look, someone is sleeping in my bed right now! Can I keep her?”

Goldilocks woke up then. She saw the three ghosts and jumped out the nearest window. The scare taught her a lesson, and she never again went into a home without an invitation.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Left to Love

Left to Love
By Jolene B. Perry
Release Date:
Series: The Next Door Boys

Leigh’s life is shaping up to be pretty perfect.

She married the father of a little boy she fell in love with. They live in a nice house, on a quiet street, and her hobby of a sewing business is keeping her busier than she ever imagined. She’s back in touch with her brother who she hasn’t seen since she was a child, and her new husband has an “in” for his dream job when he graduates in the spring.

But when her small symptoms begin to lead up to something big - she has to face the shattering realization that her cancer is back.

Leigh struggles with her new marriage, her faith, her desire to adopt the little boy who calls her mom, and the strength to keep fighting for her life.

Again Jolene has me hooked from thee very beginning, she really is a great writer and I can only imagine what it took her to write this book.  The second book in the series and it was pure emotion.  We are back with Leigh and she has finally gotten married and is in the process of adopting Nathan, only to find out that she's just not feeling as great as she should be.

The cancer is back, and this is where our story begins.  It's always sad to read about sickness but when it happens again to someone who seems like such a great person it's hard to understand but these things can only make you stronger.  Brian is trying his hardest to accommodate Leigh as best as he can.  For a while things seem to be good, a routine has been made and even Nathan is helping out.  She even meets a fellow cancer patient during Chemo, Andy.  She's great and funny and really keeps Leigh's thoughts away from everything that is really going on.  But she had a type of cancer that was inoperable and when Andy passes away, Leigh just gives up. 

It's hard when everyone is fighting for you but you just don't seem to see any light at the end of the tunnel in a good way.  Everyone is changing, everything is changing.  People are having babies, moving away, doing new things and Leigh is just there, sick with Brian doing everything to take care of her.  It breaks her heart that he has to do everything and she just gives up. 

This book really shows the struggle Leigh has with everything she has around her and how she realizes that she doesn't have to do it alone.  It's very sweet and sad at the same time but puts your hopes up for the best for all the characters.  This was a really great series and I"m happy I had the opportunity to read it because now only good things could come to all. 

Cancer is a really hard thing to grow through but when you are a survivor and are surrounded by people who love you as much as everyone loved Leigh it really goes to show you how that can get you through anything. 

I really love the cover too because it just seems so sweet and you could see the togetherness they have just being together and seems like they are enjoying their time together.

Friday, October 26, 2012

YA Mythology Giveaway Hop

This giveaway is being hosted by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and For Those About to Read.  I have realized a lot of books I've read recently had a bit of mythology in it whether it was Centaurs, Gods and Goddesses, Medusa, and other mythological creatures and people.  They are all wonderful and I can't get enough of them but my favorite so fair is Aimee Carter's The Goddess Test Series.  There are so many Greek Gods and Goddesses in this book that I think it's perfect for this giveaway hop.

So if you would like to win an E-book of the first book in the series The Goddess Test make sure to sign up using the Rafflecopter below.  Have fun and remember reading i an escape into a magical world that you can experience as many times as you want!

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter


It's always been just Kate and her mom--and her mother is dying. Her last wish? To move back to her childhood home. So Kate's going to start at a new school with no friends, no other family and the fear that her mother won't live past the fall.

Then she meets Henry. Dark. Tortured. And mesmerizing. He claims to be Hades, god of the Underworld--and if she accepts his bargain, he'll keep her mother alive while Kate tries to pass seven tests.

Kate is sure he's crazy--until she sees him bring a girl back from the dead. Now saving her mother seems crazily possible. If she succeeds, she'll become Henry's future bride and a goddess.


My favorite character because of this great series will have to be of course Hades, I have a soft spot for him and this book is really great in showing that about him.  Here's a sculpture I found of him above.
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Review: Guys Don't Do Secret Santa

Guys Don't Do Secret Santa
Release Date: December 6, 2011
Series: Catching Jordan (0.5)

Junior Year Following the Event that Shall Not Be Discussed:
Me Blowing the Tennessee State Championship Football Game

Jordan Woods wants to do something special for her best friend Sam Henry for Christmas, but she knows he won't accept the present she has in mind. To make sure Henry doesn't object to her gift, Jordan decides to set up a gift exchange with the entire football team. The problem is that Jordan's teammates tell her flat out that guys don't do Secret Santa.

Set nine months before the events of Catching Jordan, Miranda Kenneally gives a glimpse of true friendship between Jordan, Henry, and the rest of the guys on the team.


There are very few times where we get to revisit a cast of characters in a minor short way, but sometimes there are those who give you a little insight into what goes on before or after the book.  I love those stories and this is definitely one of them.  Even though it's not long (like a chapter) it really made my day reading about the football players planning a secret Santa.  It was cute sweet and just the right touch of teaser for you to want to read more about the characters in Catching Jordan.  Loved it and definitely put a smile on my face!

Review: The Next Door Boys

The Next Door Boys
By Jolene B. Perry
Release Date: October 4, 2011
Series: Next Door Boys

With her body still recovering from last year's cancer treatments, Leigh Tressman is determined to be independent. Despite the interference from her overprotective brother, physical frustrations, and spiritual dilemmas not to mention the ever expanding line of young men ready to fall in love with her, Leigh discovers what it actually means to stand on her own and learns that love can be found in unexpected but delightful places.

I’ve adored books by this author in the past, especially when I was introduced to her through a blog tour and thought her writing style and story were both great. So I was excited to finally catch a break and be able to read this book by her. I really loved this cover and it completely drew me in to the story.

I’m not usually a very religious person but I pick up a book every now and again that has religious beliefs behind them, and even though this book was Mormon that really was just the back-story on the characters. This book was so much more, it was about a deeper understanding of relationships, surviving cancer, going to school and separating from your parents. And of course my favorite realizing what you have was right in front of you the whole time, you just needed to realize it.

We meet Leigh who has just gone into remission from having ovarian cancer. She is now attending BYU with her older brother, that’s the only reason her parents are letting her go there because he will be near by. She has a little apartment that is next door to her brother and his roommate Brian. They are all very close with one another, her roommates, the neighbors they all spend a lot of time together, like a tight knit family. During the beginning of the book Leigh is still in the recovery stages so a lot of people look out for her, some more than others. But throughout the book she starts to get healthier than before.

She meets a guy named Noah who is on the verge of becoming a star in LA. He goes back and forth from school to auditions and she really has a great time with him. It’s all about the fun but with this relationship she starts to lose herself and her family because she’s to preoccupied with the relationship. She doesn’t know if what she feels for him is love or something else but things digress and a decision needs to be made about their relationship.

Throughout the book again as I said you see the different relationships and what made people who they are today. Really if you change one thing would you be a completely different person, probably. It was a really great story and I can’t wait to continue their experiences in the next book.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: Falling for Summer

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm "Waiting on":

Falling For Summer
By Kailin Gow
Release Date: November 30, 2012
Series: Loving Summer (1.9)

Love hits you when you least expect it, grabs you, sucks you in whole, and twists you around until you could hardly breathe. Love hurts like a sucker punch, that’s both glorious and beautiful. Falling for Summer was like that for me, every time. – Nat Donovan

The Donovan Brothers

Two brothers as gorgeous as they are dangerous.

Nat Donovan, the older more responsible brother with the passion of a starving man. Knows what he wants, but knows he can’t have it without giving up everything.

Drew Donovan, the really bad boy, the black sheep, the one who has a devil-may-care attitude, wants what he wants, but knows he would have to go through the ones he loves to have it.

Nat and Drew Donovan has known Summer Jones since they were kids. She had always been the girl next door who was best friends with their little sister Rachel and was cool enough to play with the guys. Now Summer is all grown up, gorgeous, and scorchingly sexy without even knowing it. Responsible older brother Nat, who had always tried to keep their friendship platonic, now can’t stop thinking of her and wanting more. Carefree Drew, who had always had a crush on Summer, but knew Summer’s heart was already taken, can only fall further for her. But no one had anticipated what would happen between the time the Donovan brothers fell for her and now. No one knew how hard they would fall.

I just finished reading the first book and I am team Drew all the way!!!!  How sexy is that cover, can't wait to read this!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Teaser Tuesday:: The Next Door Boys

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following: •Grab your current read •Open to a random page •Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page •BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!) •Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Here's my teaser for the week:

I wanted a clean slate. Guess that was impossible. He had promised that no one knew I'd been sick. He'd mentioned something to Brian, but even he didn't have the whole story. Jaron said it was my story to tell, and I could tell it when and if I wanted to.

The Next Door Boys 
By Jolene B. Perry (Kindle Locations 243-244).

Musing Monday - Crushes

MUSING MONDAYS… is a weekly event where MizB at Should be Reading will ask a book/reading-related question, and you answer with your own thoughts on the topic.

This week’s musing asks…
Do you ever get crushes on fictional characters? Name one (or a few), and tell what you liked…

What a really great question.  i mean really how can you not fall for some of these characters they are all around written beautifully that sometimes you just wish you had someone like that in your life, but nothing is perfect.  If I had to choose, a couple I guess the ones that stick out to me right now after reading this question:

Finn - from Elizabeth Scott's Something Maybe.  He sticks out to me because he was so much for the main character and she didn't even notice all the little things he would do for her.  What a really great stand up kind of guy you would want on your corner you know.

Wesley - from Kody Keplinger's The Duff.  He was falling for her and it's the story of player turned perfect boyfriend material.  I don't know something about him. 

John After - from Jennifer Echol's Going too Far.  I still think of him when I see a cop LOL.  I know that's bad right haha. But then all of Jennifer's books make me think.  Every time I see a plane with a banner I think of the characters in Such a Rush.  Every time I see Adrian Granier I think of Endless Summer (that's how I picture the main boy super yum).

The more I keep thinking about it the harder this question actually is.  I mean there are some great male characters and yeah when I read them I totally had crushes on them.  Anyone that can put a smile on my face and make me feel all giddy about them and their situation is good in my book lol. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cover Reveal & Scavenger Hunt & Giveaway - Interlopers

Ok here's a fun thing to do for you guys  How about a friendly Scavenger Hunt.  Each blog has a particular word and it's your task to find it, remember you have to go in order.  So below is what the book is about and you will see what my word is, can you find it? Remember to check the person before me and the person after me so you don't miss anything.  In case you need to know where to start here's the original starting point at Supergirl Tours.

Release Date: October 19, 2010

(This is a NEW cover in celebration of it's 2nd anniversay)


Make sure to clean up your messes.

Keep the cat in the house.

Fraternal twins Nate and Larissa Pantera know all about strange rules. They've grown up with plenty of them, and they have always obeyed those rules without question

However, disturbing things are starting to happen--both at home and at school. And when their parents go missing and a strange messenger appears, they discover THAT the only way to save them is by breaking all the rules.

Interlopers: A Shifters Novel is the thrilling fantasy adventure. Fans of YA fantasy, such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, love this new series about the Pantera twins, who discover that everything they thought they knew is only the beginning of the truth.

About the Author:
L. M. Davis loves great storytelling. She needs nothing more than a good book and a comfy chair to be happy. She was born in the south, raised in the north, and has a few degrees under her belt. She still hasn’t gotten her black cat, but she thinks about it everyday. Her thoughts go something like this: "I really should get a cat." For now, she contents herself with spoiling the pets of her friends and family. The first two books of her Shifters Novel Series, Inter
lopers and Posers, are available now. To find out more, visit

Find L. M. Davis on the interwebz:

If you missed the word before make sure to check out Pink Fluffy Hearts blog.
To find the next word go to My Seryniti's blog.
Good luck everyone!!

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Random Ramblings (5)

So it's Thursday ... Yah! One more day closer to the weekend.  You feel me?  I know you do especially if you're sitting at work with not really a lot of work to do and you're trying to pass the time without going insane.  Yes, you know what I mean.

Been contemplating a new Kindle, only because my Kindle fire has become temperamental to which chargers it wants to charge for and it has to be at a specific position or it won't charge.  I feel like back in the day when you had a Nintendo and you had to blow in the cartridges for the game to work, know what I mean?  Ha, I'm sure if you're reading this and you're like whats a Nintendo I may have to put my head down and just go man I'm old lol.  Hey at least I didn't say Atari! Or A-track, is that how it's spelled I don't know I've never seen one of those just like my kids will never see a cassette tape lol.  Oh how the times have changed, but back to my Kindle.  Yes so I'm contemplating the Paper white.  Just read about it on another blog and was contemplating it even more now.  Should I, Shouldn't I?  That is the question.  But then it's like maybe I should get the new kindle fire because it has a camera and how cool would that be.  Eh I don't know maybe someone will gift me one for Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas I was thinking about getting my 2 year old the below for Christmas because she is always on my kindle (that's why I need a backup).

Kurio Kids Tablet with Android 4.0 - 7 inch 4 GB

Does anyone have one, or know anyone who has one?  I just want to know if it's a good idea or not.  Will she not like it because it's not the Kindle.  I don't know.  So hard!

Yesterday I made a cake even though I wasn't feeling too hot, what do you think?  It wasn't my best but again i wasn't feeling well.

Ok enough of the ramblings it's time for me to get some stuff done, maybe.  Who knows, the only thing I feel like doing is curling myself under the covers reading a good book with all the lights off and only the tv playing softly in the background lol. 

Book Blast: Move by Brina Courtney

By Brina Courtney
Release Date: October 2012

Sometimes Dallas gets drunk and doesn’t remember what she did last night. Sometimes she loses friends. Sometimes her mom’s boyfriend beats her until she can’t walk. Sometimes her life sucks, but sometimes it’s beautiful. When Dallas dances her world is her own and she can make it what she wants it to be, she can escape her otherwise horrible life. Dallas now must overcome her past to give herself a future at the Allenwood Academy of Dance in Cape Haven, CT. When her feet are bleeding and her heart is breaking, Dallas must find the strength to go on.

“You only get one shot in the dance world and you have to be strong enough to take it.”

“If I don’t dance, I will die.”   *******************************
About the Author
Brina Courtney is a young adult author obsessed with chocolate, crime shows, and fantasy movies. She's spent the last few years as a beauty queen and elementary teacher. She lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband and two very loud, small dogs.

Goodreads - Blog - Twitter - Facebook

To Buy:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Easy

By Tamara Webber
Release Date: May 25, 2012

A girl who believes trust can be misplaced, promises are made to be broken, and loyalty is an illusion. A boy who believes truth is relative, lies can mask unbearable pain, and guilt is eternal. Will what they find in each other validate their conclusions, or disprove them all?

When Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice, the last thing she expects is a breakup two months into sophomore year. After two weeks in shock, she wakes up to her new reality: she's single, attending a state university instead of a music conservatory, ignored by her former circle of friends, and failing a class for the first time in her life.

Leaving a party alone, Jacqueline is assaulted by her ex's frat brother. Rescued by a stranger who seems to be in the right place at the right time, she wants nothing more than to forget the attack and that night--but her savior, Lucas, sits on the back row of her econ class, sketching in a notebook and staring at her. Her friends nominate him to be the perfect rebound.

When her attacker turns stalker, Jacqueline has a choice: crumple in defeat or learn to fight back. Lucas remains protective, but he's hiding secrets of his own. Suddenly appearances are everything, and knowing who to trust is anything but easy.

I am berating myself for not picking this book up sooner. It was so realistic, empowering, dramatic, and heartbreaking and an overall mind altering read. I want to go take a self defense class now just so I will be prepared for anything. This is what this book has bought to me with a lot of heart palpitations, I don’t know why I didn’t read this when it first came out.

We start the book off with Jackie and Kennedy (yes I know play on the former president and his wife, which was very cute considering he wants to go into politics) and they are currently attending the same school. One day out of no where Kennedy blindsides Jackie with the notion that he wants to pretty much see other people and they break it off there. Having a class together she skips a few times and is given a chance to have a tutor.

After the break up she goes to a Frat party with her roommate who is in a sorority and being the designated driver she decided to leave early since Erin didn’t need a ride, and that’s when it happened. Buck came behind her, and tried to force himself on her, but there was a man there who happened to save her. This is where the story begins. It’s dramatic and tough but it’s real, things like this happen all the time and the way she reacted not wanting to press charges is how many girls feel in the beginning. She decides not tell anyone but begins seeing her savior all over the place.

Eventually they talk and start to get involved, it’s all very strange because he was supposed to be her rebound guy after she broke up with her boyfriend but they’ve become something much stronger and deeper than a rebound relationship. A little later in the book turns out another girl is actually attacked by the same person and this is when sister solidarity comes into play. The roommates take a self defense class and they are both so empowered by this that they convince the other girl and Jacqueline to press charges so he doesn’t get away.

Sure this isn’t your typical college experience, a lot of people in the book were in denial, not believing their friend could do something so horrible. But it goes to show you these things do happen and you never know when it will.

The relationship between both Jacqueline and Lucas grown more intense, and it’s so sweet reading about them together, like I don’t want it to end. But there are secrets Locus doesn’t want her to find out. Again very realistic (secrets not what actually happened although it could happen) and addicting. This book was an amazing read. I’m ready for another one by Tamara Webber.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blog Tour: Texting Tyler - Review/Excerpt/Giveaway

Texting Tyler
By: Rebecca Rembish
Release Date: 8/29/12

Christopher Clarke is the nicest guy Amy Fallon has ever met. He is handsome, smart, funny, an all-around great guy. Tyler Clarke is hot. So why is Amy, one of the smartest girls in school, so clueless when it comes to realizing who she is truly falling in love with? Or better yet, who’s falling in love with her.

Amy is forced to spend the week at her grandmother’s house in Arizona. She returns home to New York with a closer bond to her grandmother, with a best friend who she adores and with a boyfriend who she believes is everything she has ever dreamed of. After months of communication with the two new men in her life, things finally seem to be falling in to place for Amy. That is, until she starts to realize whom her heart is truly longing for. When she returns to Arizona almost a year later, things don’t go quite as planned when she is blindsided not only by the death of her grandmother, but learns the truth behind the text messages from Tyler. With time, and a little help from her grandmother’s memory we are able to see if her broken heart can heal and get Amy back on the course she was destined for.

The author wrote a really cute and endearing love story about a girl who is very insecure about herself and trying to come to terms with everything around her.  This was a very cute and fun, fast easy read that I enjoyed several times over.  I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat, I never realized really how much a difference the written word can be compared to a text.  There really is more meaning behind it.

We meet Amy as she is on her way for a week to stay with her Grandma.  She's never had a boyfriend, doesn't really have friends, is very smart but still very antisocial.  So go figure when she goes to her grandmas house she meets Chris and then meets his friends.  All of a sudden she's a social butterfly and is having so much fun with the people she's just met.  She has a bit of a crush on Chris but he never made a move on her, she being inexperienced didn't know what to think of it other than he didn't like her in that way.  The entire time Chris really adored her, he was falling for her but he too was inexperienced.  He's never liked anyone like this before.

They go on a number of group dates/hang outs/ and even spend some time alone, and it seemed as if something was going to happen but then they got interrupted.  She was only there for a week but ti felt so much longer to the group of friends and they were definitely going to miss each other.  On the last night she was able to hang out with them, Chris's brother Tyler was throwing a party and needed Chris to help bring his friends home.  Taking a chance and bringing Amy back with him he had no idea that when he got back he would see Tyler and Amy kissing.

After that she leaves back to New York but they still keep in contact, her and Chris, and she also has it in her mind that Tyler is now her boyfriend.  This is where her inexperience really shines brightly.  Everyone around her can see it but she's in denial.  She starts receiving texts from him, but really they are from Chris.  All the while still talking to Chris every day.  her feelings grow for him and it just confuses her even more.

Overall the story was great.  I really enjoyed reading every minute of it and couldn't wait to see what happened next throughout the whole story.  makes you miss the innocence you once had when you were so young.  We are all so jaded.  You have to read this book if you want something quick and entertaining to read.  The cover is really cute and simple and I can totally picture Amy doing that. 

“I can’t wait.” Amy was genuinely excited.

They walked out to the parking lot and said their goodbyes.

“See ya tomorrow!” Dana shouted to them as they were walking away.

“Okay!” Amy yelled back. They had just left and she already couldn’t wait to see them again the next day.

“They’re cool, right?” Chris asked.

“Very,” Amy answered right away.

Chris puffed his chest out. “I knew you’d like them. I could tell they really liked you too.”

They waited by the car for Tyler, who took his time walking over to join them. He moved slowly, clicking the doors open with his key chain. They were all about to get in the car when Tyler turned to Chris.

“Hey man chuck this for me.” Tyler held out the soda cup he was slurping on during the movie.

“Chuck it yourself,” Chris said.

“Then walk home,” Tyler said matter-of-factly.

“Just give it to me.” Chris huffed as he took the soda cup from his brother and walked over to the trashcan.

Amy and Tyler got in to the car shutting the doors. She heard a click and looked over at Tyler who was laughing. “Watch this,” he said to her.

A moment later Chris came back and opened the door to the car. Clunk, it wouldn’t open.

“Unlock the door,” Chris said through the window.

Tyler ignored him.

“Open the door,” Chris said impatiently.

Tyler clicked the button back and forth quickly. Chris went to open the door. Clunk, it wouldn’t open.

Amy shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Tyler looked over at her and lifted his eyebrows at her as he continued to laugh.

“Tyler, I swear to God man. Why you doing this?” Chris asked shaking his head.

Amy felt bad for him. Tyler continued to ignore him and started the car. Amy looked out the window at Chris giving him a sympathetic look. Tyler put the car in drive and drove forward a few feet. Chris walked forward a few feet and knocked on the window.

“Come on man please,” Chris begged.

Tyler clicked the door and this time Chris was able to get in. “You’re such a puss Chris. I shoulda made you walk home.” Tyler laughed at him before turning the volume of the music up high so that no one was able to talk the entire ride home.

Amy felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and she slid the phone out to see a text from Chris.
About the Author:

Rebecca Rembish is a stay at home mom to a mini super-hero. To help balance out her adventurous days with a pre-schooler and grown-up married life, she escapes by writing Young Adult Romantic Fiction.

She is a compulsive nail biter, who makes daily trips to 7-11 for blueberry coffee. Rebecca grew up in Rockland County, New York, and now resides in New Jersey with her husband and son. Although Rebecca loves to text, amazingly, she and her husband of ten years have never once sent each other a text message.

Contact Links
Texting Tyler Website
twitter is @justsendatext


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Monday, October 15, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following: •Grab your current read •Open to a random page •Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page •BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!) •Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Here's my teaser for the week:

I remember Daggers’ words to me the day he left: “Chances are everything. Seize them when you can, because those are the moments that make life worth living.”

Life is measured in moments. Moments are measured by chance, and chances are everything.

Saving You Saving Me (You & Me Trilogy)
(Kindle Locations 2416-2418).
By Kailin Gow

Musing Monday

MUSING MONDAYS… is a weekly event where MizB at Should be Reading will ask a book/reading-related question, and you answer with your own thoughts on the topic.

This week’s musing asks…
Do you have a system as to which books to read from your “requested review pile? What is it? What about when there are too many to read in a certain time frame? {apologies to those who don’t review}

I actually do have a method to my madness that is blog tours, reviews, etc.  I even keep a little calendar because I want to be as organized as I can, plus I don't want to miss any dates.  So here we go.  For netgalley I will try and read a month before if not at least before the release date unless it's already passed when I receive it, then it goes tot he bottom of the list.  For Blog Tours, the sooner I can read them and plan them the better.  I hate to have to rush to read something, that's not me after all what if I don't like it lol.  Then there's my personal reviews that is not an obligation to nothing, I will just read those in between the ones I have to read for something I signed up for.  Like this weekend I had time and I read two books I didn't need to but had been wanting to and they were good. 

Since I keep the calendar I try not to do too much at once, like this month was just crazy busy with tours and etc and I'm not even done yet.  But I'm getting better at organizing everything.  I hope!

The Paparazzi Project Reveal‏

The Paparazzi Project by Kristina SpringerExpected pub: December 15, 2012
Livvie Peterson thought taking Interpersonal Communications her junior year would be an easy A. But when the first assignment is given, her world flips upside down. Here’s the deal: the class is assigned a six-week project and is split into three groups— Paparazzi, Tabloid, and Celebrities. The Paparazzi follow around the Celebrities taking pictures and grabbing any kind of quotes they can. The Celebrities try to navigate being tailed on a daily basis. And the Tabloid receives all the information collected by the Paparazzi and decides what makes the weekly summary report. Sounds harmless…and it’s all just pretend anyway, right?

Livvie is assigned as Paparazzi and when she is matched up with the ├╝ber -cute Chas Montgomery as her Tabloid boss she’s pretty sure things couldn’t get much better. Livvie’s uncanny ability to capture the Celebrities in compromising photos matched with Chas’s skill of exaggerating captions and editing the photos make them an unstoppable team. And the long hours working side by side with Chas aren’t a bad bonus.

Livvie simultaneously launches an anonymous blog, leaking the class’ photos and stories on the Internet. Her rising follower number quickly becomes addicting and she possibly spills too much information online. Once she finds her own celebrity will she be able to give it back? And will Chas be gone before she ever has the chance to find out?
Goodreads Link:

Author Bio:
Kristina Springer is the author of THE ESPRESSOLOGIST, MY FAKE BOYFRIEND IS BETTER THAN YOURS, JUST YOUR AVERAGE PRINCESS, and the forthcoming THE PAPARAZZI PROJECT (12/15/12). She has a Masters in Writing from DePaul University and she resides in a suburb of Chicago with her husband and children.

Author Links:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Her Best Friend's Brother

Her Best Friend's Brother
By: T.J. Dell
Release Date: September 22, 2011

Libby has been in love with Tony Marchetti since she was seven years old. The problem? Tony is her best friend's older brother. Lately Tony has started looking at her in a new way and he emails her all the time. Could it be possible that he is starting to see her as more than his kid sister's best friend?

Tony knows Libby McKay is off limits. She's his sister's best friend for crying out loud! But she is also smart, funny, and seriously hot. Plus she's not afraid to get a little sweaty-- on the track that is. Tony can't seem to help himself, besides what's a few emails? The occasional phone call? He can keep things light and friendly-- Can't he?

Warning: This book contains some adult content.

I randomly picked up this book thinking I would get a great contemporary read and I was not disappointed.  I will definitely be checking more out from this author.  We meet Libby who is best friends with Mel who happens to have a brother that Libby is head over heels for.  There was a lot of back and forth in this book and even though you just knew it had to work out in the end it was still fun to see what trouble they could get into.

Mel knew that Libby liked her brother but would constantly try and steer her in other directions because her brother seemed to be playing so many games.  But Libby couldn't help how she felt and there were even times when she just knew that Tony felt the same way about her but something would always make him pull back.

This book spanned from when they were little kids and first met until after college and man was it an adventure I can't believe she kept up hope for that long but I guess when you know something is meant to be you just don't mess with it.  There were times when you would cheer for one or the other just hoping that they would finally get things right but again something always happened to change the outcome.

There were other girls, other guys, a meddling sister and just being the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong news.  It was a quick and easy read and I really enjoyed it.  I'll have to check out more from this author.

Review: Stealing Parker

Steaing Parker
Release Date: October 1, 2012

Red-hot author Miranda Kenneally hits one out of the park in this return to Catching Jordan's Hundred Oaks High.

After her family's scandal rocks their conservative small town, 17-year-old Parker Shelton goes overboard trying to prove that she won't turn out like her mother: a lesbian. The all-star third-baseman quits the softball team, drops 20 pounds and starts making out with guys--a lot. But hitting on the hot new assistant baseball coach might be taking it a step too far...especially when he starts flirting back.

Miranda Kenneally really has a great way of combining first love, sports and just an overall enjoyable reading experience.  This is a companion to Catching Jordon, not with the same characters but still in the same setting.  I was very excited to be reading this book because I loved Catching Jordan so much.

We meet Parker who is at odds with herself and how she wants to be portrayed by other people in her high school, especially after the scandal of her mother coming out and leaving her family for the church secretary. Parker was a major softball player it was her love and her passion but she didn't want to appear butch and have everyone think she was like her mother, with this in mind she made it a habit of hooking up with random people.  Never anything too heavy just make out sessions.  Her best friend Drew decides to sign her up to be an assistant on his baseball team pretty much just taking stats and making sure they have water. Little did she know there would be a new couch and one who would be so young and good looking.

Parker started hitting on Brian and even though he was six years older than her she really wanted that to happen, she felt as if he understood her.  All the while her best friend and Will aka Corndog was always around her.  Parker and Will start hanging out more and more and soon she starts to catch feelings for him because he feels so comfortable but she still has Brian on the back burner. 

Throughout the book there is a lot of talk about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian.  I have mixed feelings about this and it seems that the people in her church are very narrow minded and not good people at all.  Makes me so mad the way they act and how they are holier than thou with their actions when they aren't Innocent themselves.  After all it's not very Christian to judge people as much as they do.  It's all very upsetting.

Things progress with both Will and Brian and Parker has to choose which is the best avenue for her.  It's a very sweet story and I enjoyed it very much.  Can't wait to see what Kenneally comes up with next.  Definitely a book you should check out, and even though Catching Jordan isn't really necessary to read I would suggest reading it first just because it's a great book. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil
By Quinn Loftis
Release Date: September 30, 2012
Series: The Grey Wolves


Though the Serbian pack has been brought to heel thanks to the downfall of their Alpha, the war is far from over.

Desdemona, a witch of unfathomable power, has escaped the wolves’ wrath, but she will not go quietly into the night. She takes refuge in a place where even the smallest sliver of light does not dare to enter. Though she had to flee, she has not given up on the t...more Though the Serbian pack has been brought to heel thanks to the downfall of their Alpha, the war is far from over.

Desdemona, a witch of unfathomable power, has escaped the wolves’ wrath, but she will not go quietly into the night. She takes refuge in a place where even the smallest sliver of light does not dare to enter. Though she had to flee, she has not given up on the treasure she wishes to acquire. Her depravity knows no bounds; she's even willing to search for the one who can assist her in opening a Veil that has not been opened in millennia – with good reason: the danger is incalculable.
Meanwhile, there are major changes rippling through the Romanian Grey wolves. Decebel has become Alpha to the Serbian pack in an effort to begin to unite the Canis lupis species. Their numbers are dwindling in the wake of the shortage of true mates and lack of offspring. The wolves are beginning to lose faith and darkness seems to be crashing in on them from all sides. But the winds of change are blowing, changes that will alter the future of not only the Canis lupis, but of another ancient race as well.

Amidst all of this, Sally is continuing to come to terms with her relationship with the playful, charming, flirty, unbelievably handsome bartender – who happens to be a member of the Romanian pack.

If all that weren’t enough, the Fates have decided to pay a little visit to Jen. It’s time to collect. She cheated the Fates of a life, her life. Now they want what they are due. The problem? It’s more than Jen is willing to pay.

Yes, the war is indeed far from over. Bargains will be struck, declarations will be made, sacrifices will be given, love will be tested, and trust will be questioned as evil makes its stand against them all.


This book was amazing!  I can’t get enough of this series and I can’t believe it’s almost done, I think it needs to keep going because seven books is just not enough and this is only the fifth one.  From the very beginning my all was put into reading this book because I’ve taken the journey with all the characters and all their hardships, good times and joys.  This book had me reeling off emotions all over the place. 

We start off with Jen being her usual self and she had me laughing myself to tears at times.  I don’t know what it is but she’s so well written, likable and just someone you would want to be friends with just for the entertainment value.  The three girls are separated between two packs and are trying to accommodate the changes that are being made all the while remembering the battle they just went through. 
Sally is now Costin’s mate but before the blood rites and bonding is done there is the typical possessiveness and arguing with other wolves, it’s even more for her because wolves are drawn to her because she is the healer.  It’s all very cute though their relationship because she is so shy and believes to not be worthy of Costin when the whole time he just can’t get enough of her.  Their relationship was adorable in its sweetness.

All the while there are changes to who can be mated with who, which brings a great surprise to many involved, but I believe this will be for the best in the end.  All of this is leading up to something much bigger than all of them and I can feel it.  And I can’t wait for it.  The new mated couples in this book again as I said they were a surprise but a very happy one which I can’t wait to play out.

Desdemona, the witch, is still very much trying to bring darkness to all; she wants to be the most powerful, by taking the healers blood.  So she seeks the Warlock King and strikes a deal with him, but will he go through with it after he learns who his mate will be?  It’s all about the mates I swear but man this book was good, so very very good.  There’s a lot more that is happening and will be happening but really I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone who is about to read this book, which you really need to read this series if you haven’t already.

The author has grown a lot throughout the series and I can tell in her writing in her style in the events that is going on and I applaud her for that because with every book it just keeps getting better and better.  You know how some series they tend to wane off or go so extravagant that sometimes you don’t want to finish it.  Especially if it’s a long series (not a trilogy) then you end up just reading it because you have to know what happens next even if you date care you just have to complete it.  Well that is NOT the cause with the Grey Wolves Series.  Quinn Loftis will take you from turn to turn to turn with out even looking back because this is one rollercoaster ride I wouldn’t want to get off.  Really the amount of gasps, heart drops, tears, laughs, shocked faced, open mouthed gaping moments in this series is worth every single read.  You really don’t know what’s going to happen next and that’s the best part of the whole thing.  Well done!  Call me Fan Girl right now because that’s what I am and I’m proud of it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Blog Tour: My Faovirte Mistake - Review/Character Profile/Giveaway

My Favorite Mistake
Release Date: September 29, 2012

On the one hand, Hunter Zaccadelli is a handsome, blue-eyed bundle of charm. On the other, he's a tattooed, guitar-playing bundle of bad boy. Maybe that's why Taylor's afraid of falling in love with him, or anyone else. She doesn't want to get burned, and even though her other roommates adore him, she wants him gone before it's too late.

Hunter himself has been been burned before, but the fact that Taylor calls him out on his crap and has the sexiest laugh ever make him decide maybe love isn't a lost cause. They make a bet: if she can convince him she truly loves or hates him, he'll leave the apartment--and leave her alone. The problem is, the more time they spend together, the less she hates him, and the more she moves toward love.

But when the man who holds the key to Taylor's fear of giving up her heart resurfaces and threatens to wreck everything, she has to decide: trust Hunter with her greatest secret, or do everything in her power to win that bet and drive him away forever.

First let me start by saying I don't normally read non young adult books but sometimes I like to venture out and this well worth the venture.  We meet Taylor and her two roommates who are awaiting their fourth roommate, when a knock comes on the door and there stands Hunter.  i can only imagine what went through every ones minds.  This story made me miss college with so much passion, I wish I was back there and having as much fun as these characters were.

Taylor is surprised that the school sent over Hunter, a boy to live with her and her two roommates, it may have been the worst or best thing that ever happened to her.  It all depends on what day it is, but there is an undeniable attraction between the two of them.  It's strong, and magnetic.  The both of them are so much alike they just don't even realize it.  Both have gone through tough times and even though Taylor decides to deal with it by being a hard ass, and Hunter ever the smooth flirt.  Again you have no idea how much I missed college reading this book.

The characters were great, they were complex and had some depth to them because they were all so different yet all of them were going through different things and the way they w I know. I read this book very quickly because it piqued my interest from the very beginning and I'm hoping somewhere there will be a continuation because there is still so much that can be told by the other characters.  The dynamic relationship between the two main characters had me laughing and enjoying their constant fighting/flirting all a mask for their undeniable attraction and fun flirting.  This book was good, you have to read it and reminisce about the things you went through or have seen other people go through.  Fun but serious read. 

I really love the cover too, very simple fun and playful just like the book itself, with the contrast in colors showing the more serious parts.  Go read it!
Character Profile: Mase
(author’s note: The person who best resembles Mase is Ryan Lochte *swoon* He'd just have to dye his hair)

Name: John “Mase” William Mason, II
Age: 21
Birthday: August 18
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Favorite Color: Green

Childhood Ambition: To be a breakdancer

Favorite Food: Lasagna
How would you spend your ideal Saturday night?
Something active like dancing, or going for a walk or camping or something like that. Especially if I had a pretty dark-haired girl with me. *wink*

Favorite Movie: Fight Club

Favorite Song: I like whatever has a good beat. Usher, Flo Rida, that kind of thing. I don’t have a specific favorite song.
How many tattoos do you have?
Two. Mason, my last name on my arm and Harper, my sister’s name on my chest.

Lightning Round
Night or Day?
I’m cool with whatever. As long as I’m having a good time, and I’m with good people.

Sour or Sweet?
I’m not much for sweets, so sour, I guess.
City or Country?
There are more places to have fun in the city and more people, but I’ve always liked having trees and quiet around me.

Fate or Luck?
I’ll go with luck. It’s been pretty good to me so far.
Quote: “You should never doubt Hunter when he brags about something. Most of the time if he's bad at something, he just won't talk about it. If he's bragging, it means he's telling the truth.”

About the Author

Chelsea M. Cameron is a YA/NA writer from Maine. Lover of things random and ridiculous, Jane Austen/Charlotte and Emily Bronte Fangirl, red velvet cake enthusiast, obsessive tea drinker, vegetarian, former cheerleader and world's worst video gamer. When not writing, she enjoys watching infomercials, singing in the car and tweeting. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine, Orono that she promptly abandoned to write about the people in her own head. More often than not, these people turn out to be just as weird as she is.
She has two books out now, Nocturnal and Nightmare, the first and second books in the Noctalis Chronicles about a girl with a dying mother who meets an immortal boy. The third book, Numb will be out this August, and the fourth in the winter. Her other book, Whisper, about a girl who is alive, a boy who isn't and the complications that go along with their relationship, released June 16 and is the first in a trilogy.
Links :

My Favorite Mistake
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