Friday, June 8, 2012

My BEA Experience

Unfortunately due to work and timing I was only able to go on the first day of the Exhibit Hall opening for BEA.  I was not able to go to the Bloggers convention because honestly I just didn't have the money for it not if I wanted to take my kids on vacation this summer.  So.... this is my experience at BEA.

First let me start by saying I'm from Jersey so I'm just across the river, took the train in and mind you I've never been to the Javits center before so didn't know what to expect.  Luckily the walk wasn't that far from Penn Station (can't say the same for the walk back home but will get to that later).  So we get there and get our badges and we're ready to go.  Where we walked in luckily was right by Penguin so we zipped by and picked up a few books they had laying out including Origin by which I had been wanting to read! Squee! Off we go into the wild wonder of BEA.  People are everywhere and I mean everywhere.  My mom is grabbing bags left and right and all kinds of books.  She was my partner in crime for the day.

So then we spot the first book signing I'm like eh am I going to get some books signed.  But OF COURSE!!!  So I go one of my favorite publishers Simon and Schuster and park it waiting to get Jennifer Weiner's new book signed.  She was so sweet, she even asked for my card again more Squee! Happy Smiles.  Here's a picture I took with her below.

Then off to find more books, grab grab and go that was my moms motto for the day lol.  We walked around some more, talked to some people about educational books (my mom's a teacher's assistant for special needs children), then we went searching for more people to get signed books from.  Yup you know this was going to happen I went back to Simon and Shuster I can't get enough of this publisher I swear.  What did I get signed you might ask, oh I don't know a little book by this little author known as R.L. Stine!!!!! So funny because I used to read him back when I was in high school not the Goosbump series, the other one Fear Street.  Ha.  So this new book of his is an adult book.  Anyway here is me with R.L. Stine!!! And some other great pictures!
This is just me walking around.  My mom just wanted to snap a picture of me.  I was tired by then.  As you see several handles on my arm full of books.

I don't even remember what this book was but he was too cute not to get a picture with him.  That's my mom on the other side.  So much fun!
This is Ally Condie signing the first book in her Matched series and a poster.  I'm going to be giving away a set soon, so keep a look out for that.  I was hoping for Reached but it's okay I'll read it as soon as it comes out!  Have to finish the series to see what happens.  She was super nice!

And this if you don't know is Mike Holmes.  My boyfriend absolutely loves him, so I had to get an autograph of his book for him and a picture so he could be jealous that I met him and he didn't.  Mike Holmes was the sweetest ever, and he is very good looking in person, seriously overalls and all!  Needless to say my boyfriend was smiling ear to ear when I gave him the book and he heard that I met him.  Mike is like his Handy man Idol.  It was too funny.

We then went to the Apocolypsies Mix and Mingle downstairs in the conference room.  We meet a good amount of Debut authors.  All had books that I of course want to read.  Unfortunately I couldn't get copies of their books because their signings etc were the following days and I could only go to one.  But I did get a great "Dance Card" Signed by every author in attendance. 

I will be giving a copy of that out along with some of their much loved swag!  This was really fun because I'm not used to going up to people and just being like hi can I get your autograph.  Usually you don't really get to mingle you just wait in line get the autograph and maybe a picture and go.  Mind you this is the first time ever that I've met authors of any kind.  I usually don't have the time to go to the library events etc, but after this experience which I loved I might have to change that a little bit.  This really made me look at books in a new way and even though I loved books before, now I love them more because the people who write them are so nice.  Now if only I could travel the country and meet more authors lol. 

Anyway overall this was fun, my mom enjoyed it and she was my partner in crime for the day.  We got about 60 books all together.  Not bad for one day.  But I will say this it was NOT fun carrying all those books from the Javits center back to Penn Station.  I may still have the dent in my shoulder to prove how heavy those books were, seriously, heavy, for real.  But well worth it because I didn't have to spend money on a taxi, shipping, or anything extra at all.  Which is a plus as I need everything I can keep ya know!

Here's some pics of what I got, I hope I will be able to go next year and this time I will be better prepared with a suitcase that I can check in and will try and go every day.  Oh yeah and sneakers my feet still hurt!

Were you able to go to BEA?  How was your experience.  I'm sure there are a lot more out there who got way more than I did.  But it was my first time ... now I know what to expect and what to do.  PLAN lol.  Something I didn't do very well.  Although I can say thanks to the Ap because that helped me out a lot but still couldn't be in two places at once.

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