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The next book in the series is called Black Satin, if you read the blurb there is a mention of a new character.  So I asked Rae what her thoughts on Love Triangles were as I thought this potential new character would be a possible love triangle for Ellie.  Without Further adieu here's Rae Hachton's thoughts on Love Triangles.
Love triangles.
To be honest, I am not a big fan of them really. Therefore, I didn't create one in the the Pretty in Black series.
Wait, what? What about Walter and Ellie. Yes, I know Black Satin has a new character named Walter and I really love him, I just don't love him with Ellie. She belongs with Marcus, and this she knows for sure. In fact, there would be no way around it, even if she tried.
Of course, I'm not going to give away too many spoilers for Black Satin, but I'm hoping readers can understand Ellie's attraction for Walter at the time. Walter is an important character to the series, as he plays a major role in how things turn out, and why things became as they are.

Like I said, I can't give too much away, but the reason Walter is even near Ellie to begin with, has a lot to do with something that hasn't been made evident yet, but will come to light in Raven in the Grave.

I know that many of my readers are Marcus Marble fans, and were quite baffled by the events in Black Satin, laugh-laugh. I think I temporarily scared them. For anyone who likes Walter, go ahead, like him, because he really is likable, but just don't expect him to come back in the picture and stir things up with Marcus and Ellie, because this isn't his style, and therefore, there will not be a love triangle.

Walter has a different journey, and a different purpose, than what we think.

In each book, I have created a challenge for each of the characters to face and overcome. Book three is all about Marcus and the BIG challenge he is going to face. Raven in the Grave has a ton of new secrets that are going to be unveiled, and I'm excited for it.

Pretty In Black

by Rae Hachton
Release Date October 26, 2011
Series: Pretty in Black

Some Things are Pretty. Some Things are Black. Love is both.

[Ellie Piper]
She wanted to die. He arose from the grave. He was sent to kill her. She was trained to kill those of his kind. But fate had other plans. He searched for 119 years to find her. & There's no way in hell he's letting her go. Dead or Alive. They're fated.

[Marcus Marble]
How far would you go to be with the one you love? Would you die for her? Would you kill for her? What if the only reason you're still alive is because of her? What if the reason you came back from the dead, was to be with her? But what if your job was to kill her, but you fell in love instead? And now you're being hunted by your own kind?

Destroy? Or be Destroyed?

Black Satin
By Rae Hachton
Release Date: May 28, 2012

What if you weren’t who you thought you were?
What if your whole life changed in an instant and you were released to a new identity?
What if you were forced to kill the one you love?
What if everything you knew wasn’t real, and you awaken to a new world?
What if love could take you to unknown places? How beautiful is death really?

Marcus Marble has disappeared from Ellie’s life, and she needs answers to questions and he’s the only one who can answer them. How is her sister back from the dead, and why is Ellie still alive? When Ellie realizes Marcus isn’t coming back, she is forced to move on with her life the best way she can, in hopes of finding the answers herself, but when people at school begin to be viciously murdered, and Giles reveals to her a life changing secret, she decides to investigate the possible truth of it. What she discovers is more than she thought she would. The only time Ellie feels normal is when she’s around Walter, the new guy at school. And normal is how she wants to feel, now that Marcus is gone from her life. But Walter may not be all that he seems, either, and she just might spiral in to an even more dark world, she never thought possible. And when it occurs to her that Marcus has made the decision to pass on through to the afterlife, during the Risorgimento, she races against time to stop him, while knowing she has feelings for Walter, too.

Will she make it in time to stop Marcus from passing through, and if she does, what will she tell Walter? Her heart will have to make the final decision. But will the choice be worth dying for


About the Author:
My nom de plume is Rae Hachton, but my real name is Desirae. I write novels for young adults. I am the author of the Pretty in Black series, which is a Gothic Romance. Some of my favorite things are moonflowers, ravens and crows, The Raveonettes music, black roses, railroad tracks, the Victorian era, and cemeteries. If I could be a time of day, I would be 5:55 p.m. or that magical hour during sunset. More things that I like: Violin music, spiders & cobwebs, 50s music, skeletons, Dracula, & Castles. Also, I love Jones Soda and Pocky, and wishes Halloween were everyday.

My random journal can be found here:


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