Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Ramblings

50 Shades of Gray:
So I haven't read this series yet, but I know many who have and many who haven't.  But I could not believe what I heard this morning on my ride to work - well I could believe it but still you know.  Apparently there is a Baby boom that is a direct result of reading 50 Shades.  How funny is that, maybe people are acting out their fantasies or other things lol.  I think that's too funny.  Have you read the book?  What do you think can it cause a baby boom?

This is on at my house 24 hours a day practically (or at least when I'm there and not working), and I love it.  I watched the Fab Five get a Gold, Michael Phelps make history with the most medals (more to come cross fingers), beach volleyball and the American teams winning. Iy's a beautiful thing.  I really wish I could watch some of the other sports but they are never highlighted in the night time showing.  Well it's still early in the games too we still have a long way to go and I can't wait for Track & Field.  Apparently one of the US team members went to my high school (but he was like two years younger), but either way GOOD LUCK!!! I can't wait to watch it on TV.  I was telling my boyfriend last night on my bucket list I'm adding going to the Olympics as a spectator of course hehe, just once that's all I want.  Maybe it will be an epic day too.

Book vs Kindle:
Ok this is where I used to say book, but I'm at a loss as it is taking me much longer to read a physical book than it is to read a book on my kindle.  Because the kindle I can open it up anywhere really (even my phone) but the book it's hard to whip the book out and start reading it wherever you are so I tend to read on my Kindle much faster.  I never thought I would say that but it's so true.  I just got a book this week to review and I've been waiting for this book for a while and it's an actual book and it's taking me longer to get into it.  If I had the ebook reader version I might have been done with it already lol.  What do you think?  Do you feel the same way?

Ok enough of my ramblings for the week.  What do you feel like rambling on about?  Do you want me to ramble on about any topics?  Let me know what you think!

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Gigi Ann said...

No, I will not be reading "Gray" so couldn't know if it will cause a baby boom. ; )

I don't watch the Olympics, so no comment.

Book vs Kindle.. I think you have something there. I love the e-readers, I have Nook and Kindle, and also have a paper book ARC to read this week. I'm beginning to like the e-readers best also. I just started using them in January 2012, never thought I would like them. Go figure....