Friday, August 17, 2012


So this morning I wake up and my alarm is going off, and all I think to myself is why in the world is my alarm going off?  I look at my phone (cause yes that's my alarm) and see that it says Friday, I'm like crushed.  I thought it was Saturday.  Seriously and literally crushed!  Drag myself out of bed and get ready for work.  I really honest to you know who thought it was Saturday.  Do you know how disappointing it is to only find out or should I say finally figure out that it's only Friday.  Ugh, I thought the week was over.

Oh well .... life goes on.


I've been tangling again, tangling what is that?  It's the art of doodle hehe.  Well technically it is:
tangling - present participle of tan·gle (Verb)Verb: 1.Twist together into a confused mass.

There is this great website that will give you ideas called Tangled Patterns.  I love this website there are just endless ideas and thoughts.  Anyway here are the recent two that I created.  Something I do when I have the time and some peace and quiet which is not too often, but often enough if that makes sense.

I'm really enjoying sharing bits and pieces of my life with the blog world that is not book related and I hope you enjoy them as well.  Even if no one reads them I still feel good about sharing because as I tell my daughter - sharing is caring!

I'm off to do a review now hehe back to books you know how it is!
How about you?  Any Ramblings you feel like sharing today?

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Unknown said...

I love fiddles like this, its like walking into someone's dream.