Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: As I Wake

As I Wake
By Elizabeth Scott
Release Date: September 15, 2011

Ava is welcomed home from the hospital by a doting mother, lively friends, and a crush finally beginning to show interest. There's only one problem: Ava can't remember any of them - and can't shake the eerie feeling that she's not who they say she is.

Ava struggles to break through her amnesiac haze as she goes through the motions of high-school life, but the memories that surface take place in a very different world, where Ava and familiar-faced friends are under constant scrutiny and no one can be trusted. Ava doesn't know what to make of these visions, or of the boy who is at the center of them all, until he reappears in her life and offers answers . . . but only in exchange for her trust.
I really don't know how she does it, Elizabeth Scott can go from contemporary Young Adult (Something Maybe) to something so unbelievable Dramatic (Living Dead Girl), then to a book that really was strange like As I Wake.  It was a great book. 
We meet Ava, who is Ava but believes she is another Ava.  With constant doctor scrutiny she's lost to this world, it just doesn't feel right.  It really weirded me out at first with Ava waking up in different worlds constantly, I was starting to think she really did just have amnesia and then was making up another world, or another Ava really.  But as you delve more into the book you can see that there really is another world and another Ava or at least there was. In comes the other Ava's friends Sophie, Olivia and Greer.  Ava sees how evil Sophie really is and how much Olivia and Greer really love each other but Greer is in denial.  Ethan is her friend, and is always so sad with sorrow, in both of her worlds. Jane her mother, or the other Ava's mother just shows how much she loves Ava even if she is the other Ava.  It's confusing but not if that makes sense.  Then there's Morgan and Clementine.  You can see the very strong emotional bond that Ava and Morgan have throughout all worlds and it's a beautiful thing.  They are the reason this Ava is in this world.  But I won't go into details so you'll have to check the book out.
 It's a whirlwind of a novel and really had me wondering what if life was like this if you disappear from one world can you come back in another world as you but not really you.  Truly strange but really good.  Elizabeth Scott never disappoints.  Can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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