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Review: A Taylor Made Life By Kary Rader

A Taylor Made Life
By: Kary Rader
Release Date: July 18, 2013

They lived the life they were given; they loved the life they made.

Cheerleader Taylor Smith doesn’t want to die a virgin. Unfortunately, if the terminally-ill leukemia patient doesn't find a lover or a stem-cell match within months, her fear will become reality. When her cancer mentor is revealed to be a hottie entrepreneur from California, it seems fate might finally be on her side.

Tech-geek Gavin Taylor has everything he ever wanted, except someone to grieve for him when he's gone. With his melanoma cancer beyond the help of his riches, he agrees to participate in a cancer patient mentoring program where he's matched with a dying teen from Texas. Despite his immediate attraction, the Silicon Valley whiz intends only to provide friendship and happy memories to the beautiful, young woman who is determined to win his love.

When it's discovered that his frozen sperm and her harvested eggs could lead to a cure, Taylor's mother offers to be a surrogate. And Gavin must decide if he can risk the heart he has never given and a child he'll never know to a girl he just met.


A complete tear jerker, and I'm talking about the slobbery kind, because if you read this there will not be a dry tear in the house.  Kary Reader captured your heart with these two characters and the trials and tribulations they face each day both having cancer and trying to find someone to spend their last moments with.  Absolutely sweet and heartbreaking love story that will make you want to know more.

We meet Taylor as she has Leukemia and knows she will be gone soon as she can't find a bone marrow match but her biggest goal is not to die a virgin, so she asks her mom to help her out.  Time passes by and still she is discouraged and that's when she gets into the cancer mentor help program and is assigned to Gavin Taylor.  He of course was suspecting some geeky kid who loved video games but when he first meets Taylor there is no denying it that they are a match for each other.

The relationship doesn't grow too much in the beginning because even though Taylor is quite persistent with her feelings for him, Gavin is still in denial. He just believes he can't have feelings for her because she is so young and it wouldn't work out.  But really he's just afraid to let someone in.  Finally little by little Taylor breaks down his barrios and they form a beautiful friendship and relationship with one another.

It's hard to review this book because there are so many things that happened but I don't want to ruin the experience for you, it's something you should truly experience for the first time while you read this book.  There is heartache, struggle and so much emotion in this book that it will literally leave you crying very soberly (is that a word?) by the end of it.  And then right when you least expect it, it juts hits you again and I'm crossing my fingers for that ending that is just what the story needs, because after all maybe just maybe you can be meant for more than one thing in life or one person and it be okay. 

I really love the cover, she really does look beautiful and that's how Taylor is described in the book.  Great overall book, quick read, very emotional don't read if you're not ready for the waterworks lol.  I would recommend this to anyone because we all need to cry sometimes.  The story was very well told and written and I can completely believe the characters and their situations.  I will say this though because they never mentioned it in the book but I think it's funny ... you do know the main character is now called Taylor Taylor lol.  Good stuff!

I received this book from YA Books club on goodreads and the author, so that I may give my honest opinion and a review. Whether it is good or not please do not let it discourage you from purchasing/reading the book yourself and forming your own opinion. What might be good for me may not be good for you and vice versa. With that said, Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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