Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Ramblings

So right now I am trying VERY hard not to look at reviews of the Mortal Instruments because I want to go in there with a fresh perspective and form my own opinion because I love the series so much.  But let me tell you when bloggers are out there posting their reviews on the movie, it's soooooo HARD not to take a peek and even though it's still only 7 something in the morning I will hold strong and not take a peek.  I will be seeing it this weekend and I definitely can't wait. 

So hard.

Super hard.

But I won't Peek.

I will have to stay away from blogs or something lol.

On another note.  I've been reading a lot of New Adult books lately and I have to say they are addicting because they just bring that extra something that young adult books don't have, they aren't as innocent.  It's comforting remembering the days of college, those were the best of times for sure. 

This weekend I'm planning on doing something I've never done before also, I'm going hiking, sort of, well hopefully it's not too strenuous because I'm taking my 3yr old and 7yr old.  Time to show them what nature is all about.  Really I just want to see some of the waterfalls and get some good pictures.  Something like this, it's small but still it's beauty and it's peaceful and I need a little of that in my life right now.

It looks pretty right?  But I'm pretty sure that picture had to have been taken in the fall because look at the leaves, right now they are still green.  But fall is quickly coming upon us.  Soon the kids will be back to school, then there will be long nights of homework and school conferences and back to school night and apple picking and pumpkin picking and costume getting.  Lots to do in the fall, I think besides summer (because I can wear flip flops all day long and go to the beach) is one of my favorite seasons.  Winter and Spring are just blah, either too much snow or too much rain.  Let's hope the kids actually have Halloween this year because last year hurricane Sandy got in the way so let's hope for a good one this year!

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