Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Facade by Nyrae Dawn

By: Nyrae Dawn
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Series: Games #2

Can love save them? After her father commits a crime that shatters her family, eighteen-year-old Delaney Cross is tired of pretending everything is alright. Packing up her car, she sets out to find the people her father hurt. Her search leads her to places she's never been--and into the arms of Adrian Westfall.

To the outside world, Adrian is a sexy, charming ladies man. But his playboy persona is just an act. Secretly his soul is tortured by a memory too painful to share. Only Delaney seems to see through his façade to the real man underneath. And for the first time in his life, Adrian feels he can begin to open up about his past.

Together, Adrian and Delaney share a passionate, carefree love they never expected to find. Yet both still harbor their own secrets. When the dark truth is finally revealed, will it bring them closer together, or tear them apart forever?


I didn’t think it was possible, but it has succeeded, this book was better than the first one and I can only imagine how much better it will be as the series continues.  Sometimes playing games aren’t all it’s cracked up to be, people get hurt, emotions run high and things tend to get out of control.  But sometimes, you just can’t help but play along.  Nyrae Dawn has won my dedication to reading whatever she has out there, seriously amazing writing.  I’m completely addicted to all the characters and everything that is going on.

Secrets and lies are the game we are playing today with this book, and they are disastrous if and when the truth finally emerges.  Delaney has moved her and her brother to find someone who was close to the person her father killed in a car accident, she wants his forgiveness.  Little does she know she meets him right away and she just can’t find the right time to tell him and ask for his forgiveness? Adrian sees this girl and is automatically infatuated with her, he just wants her and he knows it and he’s going to go for it.  This is where their story begins.  He wants her but she has secrets and he has secrets and things get complicated before they explode.

Throughout most of the book you see the other being the other’s salvation, even without knowing it but they are.  The façade they both have up only brings them closer together.  Adrian turns out to be quite the poet in this book and his words even if some might be cliché as others have mentioned in reviews they are perfect for them two and are perfect for the moment they are in.  They struggle with the ghosts of their pasts but still find a way to connect with one another, a bond that is hopefully stronger then everything they have gone through, are going through and will be going through, they’ve found love.  Love for one another and it’s not something either one of them is used to.  But the big question is after everything goes crazy can that love survive?  You’ll have to read the book to find out of course.

I will say this though; a much unexpected twist at the end just completely breaks your heart.  I feel for these characters and I root for them the whole way through and I just know the next book will be just as amazing as this one.  This author really has a great way of holding your attention and I really enjoyed it.  Even though there were a lot of emotions running throughout this book, the pain, the anguish, the love, the rawness, it was just all such an addicting roller coaster ride.  You know, when you know something is bad and you know it’s about to get crazy but you do it anyway, that’s how I felt about the characters.  Live for the moment because life is too short. 

My heart definitely went out to Adrian the most because he is and was my favorite character since the last book.  I love the cover but I can almost imagine Adrian a little scruffier if you will, manly man who tries to be tough but is all broken inside.  Really great read!

"She's the rapid pulse in my neck and the welcomed ache in my chest and I want to talk to her and make love to her until there's nothing else there but us."

I received this book from NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing), so that I may give my honest opinion and a review. Whether it is good or not please do not let it discourage you from purchasing/reading the book yourself and forming your own opinion. What might be good for me may not be good for you and vice versa. With that said, Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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