Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: If I Let You Go by Kyra Lennon

If I Let You Go

My heart is still pounding from reading this book because it was absolute perfection.  This author in such a short period of time made me feel for these characters and her writing style made me laugh and just overall feel good.  I loved it, every second of it and I wish there was more of it.

Madison is the nanny for Dominic's five year old daughter Tilly.  Tilly has never really known her mother and for the past couple years, all she's known is Madison.  These are formative years as well, I know I have two little ones myself and they really do need that parent in their lives.  The dynamic between the three of them was a strong one, and hen Dominic comes in and states that he and Tilly are moving to New York (mind you they are in a different country so it's a really big move).  This of course upsets Tilly which in turn upsets Madison because now she's out of a job.

There was so much passion in this book.  I loved every character and ever sentence in this adventure of a story.  The way things went with their semi issues, their heated passion and discussion, the temper tantrums couldn't have been any more calculated and perfect in telling this story.  The author really makes me want to read more of her writings and I hope I get to in the future.  Again even though this was a seriously quick read it had everything a good book needed and more because you actually fell for the characters and their situations.  Amazing book!!

“Please,” I breathed. “Please don’t make me fall in love with you.”
(Kindle Locations 939-940).

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