Friday, February 22, 2013

TGIF - Ramblings

This morning I hated my alarm clock .... because it woke me up.  How dare it wake me up the way it did.  5:00am, I'm really tired of getting up at that time ... so in conclusion I have my alarm clock, because it did it's job.


You ever wonder how it would feel to be a character in a book.  Think like toy story when toys come to life when we aren't looking.  Well what if books came to life when no one was around.  (When a tree falls and no one is around does it still make a sound?) Any who imagine all the characters are out there living their worlds, and for them it's a reality.  Imagine that.  How strange would that be.  I think I would like to be .... Harry Potter for a day a good day of course, not a bad one.  Or even to flip it around a little, Mr. Darcy just to see how he really thinks and functions on the inside.  Then maybe I'll jump on another adventure and be Juliet from Romeo and Juliet before the tragedy of course.  Wouldn't it be fun to actually live and breathe the time and place of what you are reading.  Right now I'm reading a book and she wants to be an actress so bad, she's on the set of a movie place and honestly I don't think I want her spot the way things are going but wouldn't that be something.  I know we all probably do that anyway imagine the way it is in our minds but imagine it coming to life. 

I'm rambling again I know but I'm bored and I just really felt like being in a sharing mood today.  Anyone out there feel the same way?

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