Friday, July 20, 2012

Vacation, Here We Come!!!

So finally, it's the long awaited vacation time.  Do I bring actual books on this vacation or just depend on my Kindle Fire.  Which if anyone has it knows it's not the best for the beach because of the glare, hmmm tough questions.  What to pack, what to take, what to read, what to do?  If you were going or are going on vacation what would you take on your trip to the beach?

I'm super excited because it will be my first family vacation with only my kids and their daddy.  It's the first time we've had a vacation with no one tagging along.  It will be an adventure upon itself because at least we will not have to depend on anyone else.  That's always what makes us not do the things we want to do.  I'm super excited though. We are going to Virginia Beach so luckily it's only a 6 hour drive so it shouldn't be too bad.  After all ...
This is what our plan is ... please let me know when I'm going to be able to read lol.  Jack's Pirate Ship adventure, Living Museum, Aquarium, and Kings Dominion.  I know why not Busch Gardens right?  Well Kings Dominion you get two parks for one price (gotta keep that budget).  So anyone from Virginia is there anything else we should do?  I was contemplating maybe doing the Natural Bridge because honestly just imagine the photos for that, super beautiful.  But that would be on the way home.  Definitely lots of pool and beach too of course.  The girls love the sand and I bought them lots of sand castle tools.  So I won't be on this upcoming week at all, other than prescheduled posts.  Ahhh I'm off for vacation woot woot!!!

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