Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: Out of Play by Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry

Out of Play
By: Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry
Release Date: August 6, 2013

Rock star drummer Bishop Riley doesn't have a drug problem. Celebrities—especially ones suffering from anxiety—just need a little help taking the edge off sometimes. After downing a few too many pills, Bishop wakes up in the hospital facing an intervention. If he wants to stay in the band, he’ll have to detox while under house arrest in Seldon, Alaska. 

Hockey player Penny Jones can't imagine a life outside of Seldon. Though she has tons of scholarship offers to all the best schools, the last thing she wants is to leave. Who'll take care of her absentminded gramps? Not her mother, who can’t even be bothered to come home from work, let alone deal with their new tenants next door.

Penny’s not interested in dealing with Bishop’s crappy attitude, and Bishop’s too busy sneaking pills to care. Until he starts hanging out with Gramps and begins to see what he’s been missing. If Bishop wants a chance with the fiery girl next door, he’ll have to admit he has a problem and kick it. Too bad addiction is hard to kick…and Bishop’s about to run out of time.

I really enjoyed this book, there's nothing better than a kickass girl and a rockstar boy falling in love with one another.  It's kind of like these two author's coming together, whenever they do it's really magical. Alone they are amazing and together it just gets better and this book did not disappoint at all.  I can just imagine the creative juices flowing between these two.

We meet Bishop (I love that name by the way), and he's just completely out of it, can't handle the fame of his band with all the crowds.  It's all just too much for him so he finds solace in medication/drugs and alcohol two things that do not mix well when you take too much of it. This toxic action lands him a one way ticket to Alaska for a personal version of rehab, or at least the hope of self realization of the destructive path he's on. 

This is where we meet Penny, a tall beautiful blond who loves to play hockey, and she's really good at it too.  She's tough and scary but really deep down she just wants someone who will want her and will not leave her.  Because in her mind everyone in her life leaves at one point, so why bother.  It's the emotional stuff that will get you every time.

Overall this book was very quick and fun to read.  Especially with the snowmachining, not snowmobiling lol.  Great location, characters and even the team were great too.  There are so many things that sometimes you think are one way but really it's much deeper than that.  This book was great and I really enjoyed reading it.  Can't wait to read the next one by these two authors. 

Bishop! Bishop! Bishop!

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