Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: Losing Logan

Losing Logan
Release Date: May 2, 2014
Series: Losing Logan #1


What if the one thing you never meant to hold on to, is the one thing you can’t let go of?

Normally finding a hot guy in her bedroom wouldn’t irritate Zoe so badly, but finding her childhood friend Logan there is a big problem. Mostly because he’s dead.

As the only person he can make contact with, he talks Zoe into helping him put together the pieces surrounding his mysterious death so he can move on.

Thrust into his world of ultra popular rich kids, Zoe is out of her element and caught in the cross-hairs of Logan’s suspicious ex-girlfriend and the friends he left behind, each of whom had a reason to want him dead. The deeper they dig to find the truth, the closer Zoe gets to a killer who would do anything to protect his secrets. And that’s just the start of her problems because Zoe is falling for a dead guy.
I did a promo for this book recently and I saw the description and just knew I had to have it, I had to read it and I was not disappointed. This book had me hooked from the very beginning to the very end.  It was entertaining and even at the end I wanted more, so lucky for me this is a series.  Can't wait to see what happens next.
So we begin with Logan being dead and Zoe being the irrational smack talking person that she is acts inappropriate at his funeral and then somehow she sees him, thinking it's a joke at first until she realizes he's a ghost and so begins their adventure together.  For whatever reason only she could see him and they are on a mission to find out exactly what happened to Logan.  

Zoe has to join Logan's old clique to get closer to finding out what happened to him. She was hesitant at first but with her best friends help she gets sort of a makeover and fits right in with the popular kids.  It's ironic because she never thought she would but she slipped right in and pretty much became the queen b.  But with popularity comes a lot of stress and a lot of mistrust.   But along with it she did get one positive thing out of it, but you will have to read it to find out what it is.

I will say that throughout the book I did think it was someone else and at times even hoped that it was someone else, but again you'll have to read to find out who really did it and what really happened.  This book kept me entertained the whole time and I'm very interested in seeing where the next book will lead us because it was pretty thorough in the ending.

I really like the cover, the premise, the scenery and even the characters all of them.  Zoe is quite feisty and I love her attitude and just the words she said were to funny not to laugh out loud at. This was a great read and I'm very happy I picked it up.

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