Monday, March 19, 2012

Musing Monday: Description or Cover?

MUSING MONDAYS… is a weekly event where MizB at Should be Reading will ask a book/reading-related question, and you answer with your own thoughts on the topic.

This week’s musing asks… Would you choose to review a book if its description sounded interesting but the cover was terrible?

If you hand me a book in person and I don't even like the cover, I might not even bother to read the description just because of that.  I do that with other genre books, one look at the book and I already know its not my cup of tea (mind you I do not like tea). 

I would like to think that I'm an open person and will try anything and read anything but that's not the truth.  I have books on my shelves that I haven't read yet and I've had them for a long time and it's not because I don't like them it's just the cover/description is not catching my interest long enough for me to sit down and read it. 

What about you do you judge reading a book based on the description and not the cover or vice versa?

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Kwizgiver said...

That's a great answer. I would put the book with the awful cover in my TBR pile for a long time, I bet.