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Review: Hands Off! The 100 Day Agreement by Candy J. Starr

Hands Off! The 100 Day Agreement

By Candy J. Starr
Release Date: December 3, 2014

When I got offered an exchange to the Italian art school of my dreams, I nearly cried. I could barely afford college expenses at home let alone in a foreign country but it’d break my heart to knock them back. Then my rich and uptight grandmother called with her offer. 

If I stopped screwing around, she'd foot the bill. So I agreed. I figured she didn't really care about my sex life, she just wanted me to keep my partying off the radar. 

I was so wrong.

The sexy but annoying Chad moved into my apartment to keep me under surveillance. Why wasn't Chad dying to get into my pants like every other guy I've met? He had secrets and he wanted me to fail. 

One hundred days is a helluva long time to avoid temptation – even longer when Chad becomes the temptation.

Sometimes you have to wonder if other people know what’s best for you and they just go about doing it the wrong way, or maybe they just like to start drama but are happy it all works out in the end.  That’s how I felt about this book and I loved every minute of it. 

We meet Lucy who is trying her hardest to earn money to go study abroad in Italy, but then in comes her grandmother with a proposition, you can only imagine things go downhill from there, or do they?  The terms, Lucy must behave like a proper young lady all the while keeping her new bodyguard Chad who also has a stake in this.  This all comes with grandmother’s 100 day agreement of course.  Either way someone will be granted a large amount of money.  But is it worth it?

The two butt heads at first but eventually when she’s down in the dumps Chad is there for her and the tables turn.  I love how Lucy will refer to him as The Chad.  There were a lot of great lines in this book but I think I was a bit biased because I always love it when there is a bit of foreign slang to my Americanized one.  Their friendship grew and it was cute seeing them develop feelings for one another.  Although Chad isn’t much of a talker in this book you still learn a great deal about him through Lucy’s snooping.  There were a lot of great moments between them and goes to show you that there are people out there that you can lean on even if they are getting paid for it.  After all we are all only human right?

This was a quick read with great characters that left you smiling and completely believable in every way because I could imagine this book playing out in real life.  As crazy as it was it was a fun read and definitely something to occupy yourself with.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m completely team Chad but I do have to say the incident that happens towards the end WOW lol, I can’t even fathom doing something like that but what must be done must be done.  Great story!

I really love this cover and would definitely pick this up to see what it was about but that is not how I pictured Chad at all, but still not too bad.

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