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Review: Night Sky by Suzanne Brockmann, Melanie Brockmann - Giveaway/Excerpt

Night Sky
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Series: Night Sky #1

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann and her daughter Melanie Brockmann have written a pulse-pounding novel of paranormal suspense set in a near future both fantastic and frightening. “Original and exciting, NIGHT SKY propels readers into a dangerous future. Loved it.” —Melissa Marr, New York Times bestselling author of Made For You and the Wicked Lovely series

Skylar Reid is shaken when Sasha, the little girl she babysits, is kidnapped. Scared that the weird dreams she’s been having about Sasha are real—and even more afraid that Sasha is already dead. When a mysterious girl with extreme butt-kicking abilities roars into town on a motorcycle and, well, stalks Skylar things get even weirder. Supergirl Dana tells Sky that she also has abilities – that a hormone in their blood makes them stronger, faster, smarter. A hormone that the makers of a new drug called Destiny will murder to get their hands on.

Dana and Milo, her dangerously hot yet oh-so-forbidden partner in crime, want Sky to join them in their mission – to mold Sky into the ultimate weapon. She can sense there’s something about her abilities they’re not telling her. But the only way to save Sasha and stop other girls from being taken is to embrace the weird…and fight Destiny.

More Praise for Night Sky:
“A gripping page-turner from first to last...the start of something that can only be described as ‘greater-than.’” —Kirkus STARRED review
“Action-packed, mysterious, charming and witty. I'm ready for more!” — Gena Showalter, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Alice in Zombieland
“Full of adventure, humor, and just the right amount of Brockmann wit...I love this book!” —P.C. Cast, New York Times bestselling co-author of the House of Night series.

This book was an intense hard driven adventure of a time that le very beginning what was going to happen from the very beginning to the very end with so many more questions to be answered.  Night Sky was though provoking and these two authors did an amazing job of sucking you into their world and making you feel everything that was happening throughout the book.  Can we just simply say this was actually quite an amazing read?

We meet Skylar who seems to be ordinary but then weird thing start happening around her and to her, she starts discovering these amazing abilities that she didn’t even know she had.  With her pal Calvin by her side through the whole thing they go on an adventure to find their neighbor who was kidnapped.  With a variety of abilities and the help of not only her sidekick Calvin but also a kick ass girl named Dana and a much needed hottie named Milo they go out to learn more things not only about themselves but what is really going on in their little world.

Again this book had an immense amount of adventure and craziness that you couldn’t’ help but wonder what was around the corner next.  Between the intense smells and puking, the moving of objects and the internal homing abilities this book just went out there and it was definitely just out of bounds exciting.  I don’t think there are many more ways I can say how good this book was but you just have to pick it up and read it.  The mysterious Dana and her tough attitude with Sky and her soft demeanor but some serious abilities that even surprise Dana herself the two of them team up against the bad guys and go in search for what matters to both of them, making things right and finding others with abilities as well.

There are fights, abilities, criminals, frame jobs, even a slight love interest that keeps yours interest throughout the whole thing.  At first I really didn’t think I was going to like it, because I haven’t read anything sci-fi in a while, but I’m glad I stuck with it because when I really got into it, I just couldn’t put this book down.  I hope in the next part in this series Dana finally finds what she’s looking for.  Also who the hell is that old stinky lady and I mean stinky in the literal sense. Oh so much more to explore and can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

The cover is great, very simple very strong in the sense you can tell something intense is going on in the book and it definitely did.  The main characters all are so different but special in their own way.  Can I just say Cal’s would you rather are quite hilarious and he’s definitely the comic relief in this book.  Milo on the other hand the very sensitive super nice good looking boy who is there for everyone is also a great addition and love interest for Sky.  Sky herself turns out to be a pretty cool person when she starts to discover all the things that she can do.  Dana of course, the strongest of them all and quite simply the leader is also very contradictory of herself, because you know she still has hope but she doesn’t want to show it.  Very interesting read overall and very thought provoking and intense.


"Look what I can do look what I can do," the woman, who I nicknamed Little Miss Sunshine because of her fancy clothes, yanked a massive-looking gun out of her bag.

Everyone in the store hit the deck at the sight of the gun—everyone except Calvin and me.

She pointed the barrel at my face.

A wave of deja vu washed over me. It was mixed with a hefty dose of panic and combined with at least a small degree of consolation that Calvin, as always, had my back.

"Oh, hell no!" he barked. All the fear had vanished from his tone, and now he just sounded pissed. "You wanna mess with someone? You wanna put your gun in her face? You're gonna have to shoot me first!"

And then, things got really weird.

"Hey!" someone called form behind Little Miss Sunshine. It was a girl, older than me but probably only by a year or two. She'd appeared as if out of nowhere, but she must've come in through the front doors while my attention was on that gun. Dressed in full motorcycle garb—a red leather jacket and black steel-toed boots—she hollered again. "Hey, you!"

Little Miss Sunshine whirled around.

Motorcycle Girl charged froward and flicked the pistol out of crazy lady's hands as easily as if she was removing a piece of lint from a buddy's jacket.

The gun spun a couple times before landing on the floor. Motorcycle Girl kicked it back into the air with her foot and caught it with one hand. She tucked it deftly into the back waistband of her pants and then slammed the crazy woman down onto the ground using the palm of one hand. I could have sworn Little Miss Sunshine took a nosedive before Motorcycle Chick even touched her, but then again, I'd been seeing all kinds of crazy things this week.

"Whoa," Calvin said, while the crowd gasped again.

Little Miss Sunshine landed, hard, and made a gurgling sound. She looked up once at me and pointed, still smiling that awful smile, before her face dropped to the ground.

The room once again was silent. 

Motorcycle Chick turned, running a hand gruffly through her platinum-blond pixie cut as she looked at me and frowned, her eyes the color of icicles.

Around us, the crowd began to move almost as one, with everyone rushing for the door.

I was about to turn too—getting out of there seemed like a brilliant idea—when Motorcycle Girl spoke again. Her words stopped me. "Way to protect everyone here, Sky. What were you waiting for? A sign from God?"

I looked at Cal—Cal looked at me. And I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

How the hell does this girl know my name?

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About the Authors:
Suzanne Brockman, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author, has won 2 RITA awards, numerous RT Reviewers’ Choice, and RWA’s #1 Favorite Book of the Year three years running. She has written over 50 books, and is widely recognized as a “superstar of romantic suspense” (USA Today). Suzanne and her daughter, Melanie Brockmann, have been creative partners, on and off, for many years. Their first project was an impromptu musical duet, when then-six-month-old Melanie surprised and delighted Suz by matching her pitch and singing back to her. Suzanne splits her time between Florida and Massachusetts while Mel lives in Sarasota, Florida. NIGHT SKY is Mel’s debut and Suzanne’s 55th book. Visit Suzanne at www.SuzanneBrockmann.com.

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