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Blog Tour: Exhale - Review/Giveaway

By Jennifer Snyder
Release Date: December 2012

Inhaling in life is easy. It’s the exhaling—the letting go— that’s the hard part.

Katie Elliot has always known the Conner twins. For years she secretly pined after one, while playfully averting the advances of the other. Once upon a time, she was fine with that. Then came the moment when her twin of preference kissed her and changed everything.

As if realizing love can be complex—even when it’s reciprocated—isn’t hard enough, tragedy strikes, tearing Katie and the boy she’s always desired apart. Finding herself torn between love and guilt, Katie must learn when it’s acceptable to let go—when it’s finally okay to exhale.

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This book was really quite interesting take on relationships, tragedy, love and overall guilt. It had me intrigued from the very beginning and it was a quick and easy read that just made you think about how life is just too short not to move on from things that happen to you. It’s really true when they say sometimes you just need to exhale. Which leads me to a quote from this book that I thought described this perfectly:

"With every inhale, we have to exhale, that can apply to life sometimes too, we have to take in just as much as we have to let go.”
It’s the summer time and everyone is out to have fun, we meet Katie who’s best friend with twin brothers Kyle and Derek. Of course there is a sort of love triangle here where Katie likes Derek but Kyle likes Katie. Everyone knows how Kyle feels about her as he proclaims it loudly all the time, but Katie never took him seriously. After all, she was secretly pining away for his twin brother Derek. Yes identical twins, but sometimes it really is all about the personality as they were complete opposites.

Turns out that the unrequited love that Katie felt wasn’t so unrequited after all as Derek himself had feelings for her too. But then you have to wonder how Kyle is going to react with this information. They secretly have stolen kisses where no one can see but eventually circumstances shows that Kyle will find out, and when he does there is quite a commotion. Then unfortunately something tragic happens and no one is the same again.

Through heartache and guilt both Katie and Derek try to move past this, first by being separate from one another then they try and rekindle things but the guilt is overbearing. I don’t think people realize how strong a feeling like guilt truly is, it can make you do things you don’t’ necessarily want to do. Throughout the book I won’t like the tears fell as much as the character’s tears fell. It was a heart breaking story of first loves, tragic love and of course guilt.

I really like this cover and is what initially made me want to read the book, because it seemed like a quick easy summer read, but it was much more than that and I hope you all get a chance to experience it.

About the Author:

Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina were she spends most of her time writing young adult fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework. She is an instant coffee lover with an obsession for spiral bound notebooks and smooth writing pens. Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranormal, teenage-targeted TV shows.

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Unknown said...

This book was short and sweet. It had lessons to be learned, love, friendship heartbreak and family.

The Equation book

Jennifer Snyder said...

Thank you for taking part in the tour! I'm glad you enjoyed Exhale!

Stitchin in the Sip said...

The premise of a book with twins sounds great. Love ebooks!

Stitchin in the Sip said...

First off the book sounds great. The idea of twins is always intriguing. Liking one but not the other....shiver.
Plus love ebooks.