Monday, March 11, 2013

Memorable Monday

Memorable Monday is a meme hosted by Escape in a Book which you will share a quote that has captured your interest lately in a Memorable Monday post on your blog.

Provoked by a quote, delighted by a quote or perhaps you fell in love with a beautiful quote? Share the quote(s) with us in your own Memorable Monday post.

In honor of me reading the second book, in the near future.  I thought I would get a quote from Tahereh Mafi's Destroy Me (Shatter me 1.5 novella)

Sometimes I wish I could step outside of myself for a while. I want to leave this worn body behind, but my chains are too many, my weights too heavy. This life is all that’s left of me. And I know I won’t be able to meet myself in the mirror for the rest of the day.

Destroy Me
Tahereh Mafi
(Kindle Locations 120-122)

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