Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Opal (Lux #3)


This series just gets better and better the more we read into it, no kidding. If you haven’t read the other books then there will definitely be spoilers in this review. First of all what a wonderful Christmastime joy to be able to read this book it’s like an extra gift I just gave myself. The book was a continuation of the series in a great way, showing different facets of each individual. Some you like and some you just can’t stand, but either way you can’t get enough of all of them.

We are back in this little town in the middle of nowhere, where aliens roam freely but secretly. Katy and Daemon are still at each other with their quick wits but there is more two them now, they are in love and have finally admitted just how much each other mean to the other. Through all this trial and tribulations they have still found the time to go on “normal” dates which is something Katy adores about Daemon. Even if the earth was ending soon I think he would still take her out on a date just to make her more at ease. Their relationship definitely gets closer than they have been before and it’s a beautiful thing to watch, even though sometimes their timing is just a little off with all the interruptions.

Dee is still mourning Andrew and not speaking to Katy, even though she eventually starts to let her in a little by the end. Everything has changed with that last battle. With Dawson home and his constant need to find Beth and runaway they all ban together and try to rescue her with the help of Blake who is never trustworthy, never. Daemon had it right the first time, his instincts were right on. So all of them try to devise a plan to rescue Beth and Chris from where they are being held. With impending doom and unknown factors they march on and go on with the mission. I don’t want to say what happens next but the ending was good, albeit a cliffhanger it was still really good.
Overall this book was great; it gave you more of Katy and Daemon and their relationship growth as well as a sufficient amount of other characters and plenty of action. As everyone’s powers grow and discoveries are made you want to be more engrossed in their lives. Really great series and I can’t wait to see what happens next, I mean I really can’t wait. Someone tell me please! That’s how good this book was, seriously if you haven’t read this series yet you have to crawl out from under that rock and get to it. We’re three books in already (with a novella) and each one is definitely worth the read.

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