Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Review: Convicted: A Dark Ex-Con Romance by Piper Sullivan

Convicted: A Dark Ex-Con Romance
By: Piper Sullivan
Release Date: March 10, 2017

Will an ex-con’s dark past keep him from a second chance at romance? 

Prison had been no walk in the park, and after I served my time for murder and stepped back into society, I had no idea what to expect. 
Certainly not sweet Ally, my sister’s best friend. 
I knew I should have left her alone. 
But I just couldn’t help myself. 
She was just too tempting. 
I knew she still craved my touch, she tried to hide it, but her body betrayed her. 
Just like the first time I put my hands on her virgin body. 
The look of fear and disgust in her eyes shredded me, I knew she saw nothing but a criminal. 

But I’d risk anything to protect her…even my freedom. 

My life was on track. Finally. 
I was working part time and still managing to carry a 4.0 GPA at college. 
Best of all, my roommate was my bestie. 
The last thing I needed was my best friend’s brother naked in my bedroom. 

Or to be pregnant with his baby. 

Sometimes you just need a little bit of quick romance in your life, and this book definitely provided that.  It was a dark romance, although I didn’t find it that dark.  There was not a lot of detail throughout the book and everything was pretty quick.  We meet Jason as he’s getting out of jail, there is a brief flashback as to what happened before he went to jail with his sister’s best friend.  I always love books that have to deal with siblings best friends, I don’t know maybe it’s the convenience of having that person around or just that mild attraction that always seems to form somehow but books about this subject always lure me in.

He’s back and Ally is everywhere he is, their attraction is undeniable and they had a few really great moments throughout the book.  But I have to say the book was really rushed through and through.  I wanted a little more emotion, a little more depth to each of the characters, even the sister Jamie.  I felt like they were all accepting of everything without going into too much detail.  Like who is Mac and why is she the way she is?  I want to know more about Jamie, I mean I know the story wasn’t really about these secondary characters but a little more history would have been great.

Overall this was a really quick romance book, something to whet your appetite but definitely left me wanting more.   

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