Monday, June 12, 2017

Review: The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal Cestari

The Best Kind of Magic
By: Crystal Cestari
Release Date: May 16, 2017
Series: Windy City Magic #1

Amber Sand is not a witch. The Sand family Wicca gene somehow leapfrogged over her. But she did get one highly specific magical talent: she can see true love. As a matchmaker, Amber's pretty far down the sorcery food chain (even birthday party magicians rank higher), but after five seconds of eye contact, she can envision anyone's soul mate.

Amber works at her mother's magic shop--Windy City Magic--in downtown Chicago, and she's confident she's seen every kind of happy ending there is: except for one--her own. (The Fates are tricky jerks that way.) So when Charlie Blitzman, the mayor's son and most-desired boy in school, comes to her for help finding his father's missing girlfriend, she's distressed to find herself falling for him. Because while she can't see her own match, she can see his--and it's not Amber. How can she, an honest peddler of true love, pursue a boy she knows full well isn't her match?

The Best Kind of Magic is set in urban Chicago and will appeal to readers who long for magic in the real world. With a sharp-witted and sassy heroine, a quirky cast of mystical beings, and a heady dose of adventure, this novel will have you laughing out loud and questioning your belief in happy endings.

This was definitely a different kind of book then I’m used to.  I haven’t read anything paranormal in quite some time but the description and name of the book rally caught my eye.  It was overall cute and entertaining take on the paranormal world and all the different types of inhabitants.  I think the author did a wonderful job bringing you into this world throughout the city of Chicago with its magical tendencies.

We meet Amber, a matchmaker, who is just trying to go through the motions of life and hoping that one day she will be matched.  Her best friend is a precog, who can tell the future, but they’ve made a pact not tell about each other’s lives.  Which is all well and dandy for them but then a third party comes in and needs their help, or more specifically Amber’s help.  Charlie, the mayor’s son, and quite the catch around town and especially in their school.  He’s on a mission to find someone who is missing and has requested the help of Amber Sand. 

They are adorable together, you see many different paranormal throughout the book and I like that Charlie really isn’t that affected by everything, if anything he thinks it’s pretty great that these beings exist and that he didn’t even know about it.  I also enjoy that the Amber’s nemesis Ivy (who is an enchantress basically) has no effect on Charlie as well.  It’s fun to watch all their interactions.

The book flowed very nicely and there was a bit of intrigue and even though everything was answered at some point in the book I can’t wait to find out what really happens next. I mean with Amani and her match of course, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  It all sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to dig in, hopefully it’s the next book in the series. 

I liked the setting, the location, the people, and the situations they got themselves into.  There must be something in the air a lot of paranormal books tend to take place in places like Chicago, that must be a hub for real paranormal, note to self, go to Chicago to scope the place out. J I like the cover it’s very cute simple, interesting and mysterious.  The book was in whole a great book to read and quick and easy, can’t wait to see what happens next. 

I received this book from NetGalley and Disney Book Group, so that I may give my honest opinion and a review. Whether it is good or not please do not let it discourage you from purchasing/reading the book yourself and forming your own opinion. What might be good for me may not be good for you and vice versa. With that said, Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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