Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Adrift By Sarah Darlington

By: Sarah Darlington
Release Date: 5/30/17
Series: Kill Devil Hills #4

What happens when the world thought you were dead and now suddenly you aren’t?

Ben Turner is back! Not quite as dead as everyone thought, fresh out of a nine-month stay in prison, and back home in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Having been dishonorably discharged after charges of desertion from the military, this once well-loved local has fallen from the top. With no plans for college or the future, and hated by the town that once loved him, Ben feels like he’s drowning all over again.

Juniper is pregnant, alone, and running from her crazy fiancĂ©. With only enough money for a one-way bus ticket, she heads to Kill Devil Hills, NC, a town she vacationed in as a little girl, a town she knows, come February, will have plenty of beach rentals to lie low in for the next couple months. Except she didn’t plan on getting caught on day one by the man living next door. Ben. He’s a man who has even more problems than she does, but maybe it’ll take a man like Ben to save her life.

Recommended for 18+. ADRIFT can be read as a standalone, but is recommended to be read fourth in Sarah Darlington's KILL DEVIL HILLS Series.

This was a great concept, more like several ones put together in just the right way that made this story both interesting and slightly addicting.  Sarah Darlington did a great job bringing these characters to life and making the reader feel like they were experiencing the same emotions as them.  I love books that bring you deep into their world.

We meet Ben after his ultimate return back into society after some very unfortunate events in his life, but he’s trying to make things right.  This is of course when he runs into his old neighbor or at least who he thinks is his neighbor.  Getting to know each other once again is a beautiful thing.  Of course that’s not really his neighbor though and Juniper has quite the story behind her as well.  I don’t really want to tell much about it, but it’s interesting as all hell and quite a great reason to get away from your old life.

The two of them tend to spend more time with one another and their feelings grow, the truths come out eventually but it’s the getting there that brings them even closer together.  It was endearing watching the two of them get more and more comfortable with each other and let things go.  It’s hard when you have pasts like they do but it’s the overcoming of them that make you the person you are today.  The two of them really worked well together and the author did a wonderful job of bringing them to life.  I know I couldn’t put the book down and couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

As always the ending was very intense and exciting.  There was a bit of romance in this book, abuse, overcoming fears, moving on in life, emotions galore but in the end happiness and joy prevailed over it all.  This book was interesting, great story plots, even though I wouldn’t have minded hearing more about them I think I’m going to have to go back into the series for that though.

I’ve always hated reading books out of order, but this was sent to me by the author for a review and after reading the blurb I just couldn’t resist and agreed.  But of course now I feel the utter need to go back and read all the previous books because I just got invested in all these really great characters and now I have to know their stories as well. I really need to know what happened to them all, like need-need. 

Overall the book was great, quick easy, light read, sure there were some intense moments but even still it was a quick read.  You couldn’t help but want to finish it right away and of course read more.  I love the cover, it’s very simple and the guy definitely looks like the Ben I pictured throughout the book.  Liked that he’s on the sand, kind of like when he came back to life.  You’ll have to read to know what I’m talking about.  Go read, it’s fundamental!

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