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Review: Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger

Follow Me Back
By: A.V. Geiger
Release Date: June 1, 2017

Told through tweets, direct messages, and police transcripts Follow Me Back is the  first book of a new duology. Written for the online generation this thriller  will keep you guessing right up to the shocking end.

Tessa Hart’s world feels very small. Confined to her bedroom with agoraphobia, her one escape is the online fandom for pop sensation Eric Thorn. When he tweets to his fans, it’s like his speaking directly to her…

Eric Thorn is frightened by his obsessive fans. They take their devotion way too far. It doesn’t help that his PR team keeps posting to encourage their fantasies.

When a fellow pop star is murder at the hands of a fan, Eric knows he has to do something to shatter his online image fast—like take down one of his top Twitter followers. But Eric’s plan to troll @TessaHeartsEric unexpectedly evolves into an online relationship deeper than either could have imagined. And when the two arrange to meet IRL, what should have made for the world’s best episode of Catfish takes a deadly turn…

Advance Praise
"Follow Me Back is the perfect mix of fandom with just the right amount of suspense. An enthralling page turner from beginning to end." —Anna Todd, New York Times bestselling author of the After series.

 "Dark and suspenseful, Follow Me Back is sure to be the next big thing in YA Thrillers." —Ali Novak, author of The Heartbreak Chronicles and My Life with the Walter Boys

 "Follow Me Back is an unforgettable page-turner, and a cautionary tale for any fan who's ever wished that their favorite celebrity followed them on social media." —Sandy Hall, author of Signs Point to Yes and A Little Something Different

 “Follow Me Back is a mystery/thriller/suspense roller coaster ride that keeps readers on their toes. Jaw-droppingly twisty and continually surprising.” —Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of Firsts

I haven’t read a book this exhilarating and with this many twist and turns in so long that I was loving the ride, this book was amazing!  I genuinely wanted to know what was going to happen next and all I can say is … that ending though!!! WTH.  Amazeballs, I really don’t know what else to say it was just a shock, I need to know what happens next!

We meet an agoraphobic person named Tessa, who had something happen to her, but we don’t know what.  She can’t step foot out of her house and her mom and boyfriend just try to handle it to the best of their ability but its rough.  Then we meet a mega popstar who lately has been so afraid of his own shadow because fan girls are well sometimes too much for him.  There is a fear there that something will happen to him. 

The book is told through twitter, dm’s, interrogation transcripts and of course personal thoughts of both parties.  Their relationship was interesting the way it grew from conversations, the word catfish was thrown around quite a bit, and it’s sad but it happens a lot this day and age especially with all the social media outlets out there it’s so easy just to steal someone’s identity.  Regardless this book put a spotlight on how some people can take things too far.  It was very intense at some moments, I found myself googling a lot of words that were said in this book, lots of psychobabble as Eric states, but it’s interesting.  Crazy, but interesting. 

The fear of being watched is astonishing when it comes to social media, so Eric definitely has a right to feel this fear.  We as regular, normal people don’t often think about how the famous feel, sure they have money, but they never have privacy and sometimes that’s worth more than money.  Same goes with Tessa.  Her fear is real too, there are stalkers out there, you may not even notice but that feeling it never goes away.  Ah there is so much I want to say about this book but I don’t want to give too much away.  This book comes out in June, I know two months away just keep it on your mind, add it to your list because you are going to want to read this.  If you haven’t already.

There are so many twists and turns throughout the book.  I loved the way it was written in different formats but still telling everyone’s side of the story of what was happening in their lives.  Super intense, super fascinating and just in general great writing.  I can definitely say I would read more from this author, the story flowed easily and you couldn’t help but turn the page fast enough to see what was going to happen next.  I can see this as a movie one day with a major cliffhanger.  OMG that ending, I just can’t get over it.  I loved the two characters, finding the honesty and love within one another and sharing that together.  It was sweet, but oh so worth the wait. 

I loved the setting, the characters, the plot, but omg that ending!  Must read, nuff said! I have to say also it was a very unique story, haven’t read anything like this before, bonus in my world.  I know the next book doesn’t come out until next year but I don’t know if I can wait that long to find out what happens!!!

You know I don’t usually reread my reviews and I usually put them up literally right after I finish reading a book, and I have no idea what’s going on in my mind right now because this book just blew me away.  I’m still trying to calm down, let me go read that ending again!!!


I received this book from NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Fire, so that I may give my honest opinion and a review. Whether it is good or not please do not let it discourage you from purchasing/reading the book yourself and forming your own opinion. What might be good for me may not be good for you and vice versa. With that said, Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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