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Release Week Blitz: The Boyfriend Bet By Chris Cannon - Review/Giveaway

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Love the Boyfriend Chronicles Series by Chris Cannon? Then Don’t Miss The Boyfriend Bet's Release Week Blitz!

Whether you read Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon already or not, The Boyfriend Bet is guaranteed to have you LOLing and swooning simultaneously whenever one of Zoe and Grant's PDAs get them sent to detention...yet again. You’ll get up close and personal with Zoe Cain, a feisty main character who loves to bake, crochet, and kiss wealthy Grant Evertide - in part - because her older brother hates him. Grant and Zoe not only end up spending many afternoons in detention together, but also falling hard for one another. If it sounds like a book that will do it for you, then don’t hesitate to buy it on release day. 

The Boyfriend Bet

About The Boyfriend Bet:

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains multiple PDAs, after-school detentions, and gambling on the side. Warning: betting on a boyfriend is bad for your health. Zoe Cain knows that Grant Evertide is way out of her league. So naturally, she kisses him. Out of spite. Not only is Grant her brother's number-one nemesis, but he has zero interest in being tied down to one girl. She's shocked-and secretly thrilled-when they start spending more time together. Zoe's brother claims Grant is trying to make her his "Ringer," an oh-so-charming tradition where a popular guy dates a non-popular girl until he hooks up with her, then dumps her.Zoe threatens to neuter Grant with hedge clippers if he's lying but Grant swears he isn't trying to trick her. Still, that doesn't mean Grant is the commitment type-even if winning a bet is on the line.

Another super adorable book from Chris Cannon.  This book had me laughing, happy, sad, and just all over the place with the main characters.  Really great story and what a way to start it off.  Addicting series with some really great writing and characters.

We meet Zoe as she is moving on to a private school like most of the locals do when it comes to junior year.  She is quite the firecracker and I would love to be her friend because nothing is boring with her, her friends and her family.  I thought her best friend was adorable as well, a real individual and also someone I wouldn’t mind being friends with.  It’s always great when you can picture yourself in a book with these great characters.  Zoe is hell bent on pissing off her brother all the time but the way she does it in the beginning only starts the book and her journey of a new school and a new special friend. 

Grant is quite the popular guy but definitely does not want to settle down with anyone, but meeting Zoe has made him rethink his whole situation.  Watching the two of them go back and forth, that’s called passion and interest, the bond they start to form it’s so sweet to watch.  They definitely have a lot of ups and downs, after all Zoe is quite the drama queen and if there wasn’t a threat with a shotgun or hedge clippers then it wouldn’t be Zoe.  It was entertaining watching their constant bickering over the most minuscule things in life. 

Overall I thought this book was wonderful, another great addition to the series.  I hope to hear more about Delia and her crazy sense of style and Aiden the straight forward analyzer of things.  A story about those two would be really interesting.  But the setting was great, the characters were funny and different, the story flowed very easily and you can completely picture everything happen like a movie in your head.  It was a quick fun read and perfect to get your mind off things.  The cover is very cute and simple but keeps you wondering what it could be about with the two people on the cover.  The title is also very catchy and you automatically start going through scenarios in your head.  Loved it, go read it!

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Check out this fun teaser from The Boyfriend Bet:
Jack shoved his finger in my face. "You can talk to any other guy you want to at this school, but you are not allowed to talk to him.” Had my brother learned nothing over the last sixteen years? Apparently not, and for that he would pay. I turned back to the source of my brother’s irritation. "Grant, do you have a girlfriend who would mind if you kissed me to piss off my brother?" In answer, he leaned down and pressed his mouth against mine. Bam. Instant heat.

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