Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: 99 Days by Katie Cotugno

99 Days
By: Katie Cotugno
Release Date: April 21, 2015

Day 1: Julia Donnelly eggs my house my first night back in Star Lake, and that’s how I know everyone still remembers everything—how I destroyed my relationship with Patrick the night everything happened with his brother, Gabe. How I wrecked their whole family. Now I’m serving out my summer like a jail sentence: Just ninety-nine days till I can leave for college, and be done.

Day 4: A nasty note on my windshield makes it clear Julia isn’t finished. I’m expecting a fight when someone taps me on the shoulder, but it’s just Gabe, home from college and actually happy to see me. “For what it’s worth, Molly Barlow,” he says, “I’m really glad you’re back.”

Day 12: Gabe got me to come to this party, and I’m actually having fun. I think he’s about to kiss me—and that’s when I see Patrick. My Patrick, who’s supposed to be clear across the country. My Patrick, who’s never going to forgive me.

This story was very much a love triangle that left people hurt and some a little meaner than usual.  The author did a great job of showing how confused you can be when there are more than one person involved, sometimes it's just really hard to resist especially when there are so many factors at play and so much history between the three of them. 

We meet Molly who is back from being away after a year, too much drama caused her to leave and it's all because of her mother's book that was loosely based on her daughters love triangle between two brothers.  That family disliked her so much, everyone except the one Donnelly who was on her side and who was the one brother she hooked up with that wasn't her boyfriend.  Even though if you want to get technical like on the Friends show "We were on a break!".  he he.  Regardless Gabe bought her back into the fold and she tried to work things out with the family making amends as much as she can.  It wasn't easy, and really I don't think it will ever be the same.

The story of Molly and Gabe is sweet, and I love that the author did it in days, with each chapter being the next day.  I found that really interesting and the story was just great.  The brothers animosity towards one another I think digs a lot deeper than just the rivalry they have about Molly.  I think she just got caught in the middle of them.  But I definitely was rooting for team Gabe because Patrick the other brother who she had been with forever was a tad bit controlling and way too emo for me.  I can picture these brothers clearly and see how different they are, it's great to see the dynamics of their relationship.  

I can't really say much about the ending as you will have to read it yourself but I think it ended sweetly with a lesson learned that sometimes you have to remember the world is a large place, and there is more to your existence than just the small town you grew up in.  There is a whole world out there to experience whether you do it with someone or alone, there is more.  There is more.  That I think is the most important part, because remember the world does not revolve around one person.  

I really enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end and I definitely wanted more.  I hope we get more, Katie Cotugno do we get more?  Regardless it was a great book and I loved the characters, the setting, the drama and the writing style.  Can't wait to read another book by this author. 

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