Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Tristan: Finding Hope by Jessica Sorensen

Tristan: Finding Hope
By: Jessica Sorensen
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Series: Nove 3.5

Tristan has always felt like a ghost. After a painful loss, he became all but invisible to his grieving family. So he dove headfirst into a dangerous life, sinking deeper until he felt he could disappear-and almost did. Though Tristan survived, staying on track is a 24/7 battle he’s not sure he wants to fight.

Then Tristan meets Avery, the girl with purple streaks in her hair and tattoos like secrets, waiting to be uncovered. Her smile is warm and inviting, but her sad, hazel eyes tell a different story. And the strangest part is-she can really see him. A girl like that might just keep Tristan out of the darkness . . . or pull him right back in.

Mini Review:

This book couldn’t have been titled more perfectly, seriously because after finishing reading this novella that’s exactly what I thought of Tristian finally finding some hope after all.  It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Jessica Sorensen and have probably read almost all of her books already, almost I said, but regardless I love all the characters in all the series and this one is no less because Tristan is a lost soul.  He needs help to be found and he may have just found the one person who can make him believe that he is worth something.  Because even though he doesn’t believe it, I know deep down he is, he just needs to throw caution to the wind and play it straight for a while.  Did that make sense?  If you’ve read the series you know what I’m talking about.
We got a small glimpse into his life before all the drama started and he was already running down this road of despair and self-medication, which is never the right answer.  His family doesn’t help much but I know that between Quinton and Nova and this dashing new purple tinted haired beauty they will help Tristen get out of this vicious cycle he’s in.  Oh the hope, oh the wonder, I can’t wait to finally, finally hear his story! This was just a teaser to wet your whistle and now I’m just parched.

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