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Review: The Destiny of Violet & Luke by Jessica Sorensen

The Destiny of Violet & Luke
By Jessica Sorensen
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Series: The Coincidence #3

Luke Price's life has always been about order, control, and acting tough on the outside. For Luke, meaningless relationships are a distraction-a way to tune out the twisted memories of his childhood. He desperately wishes he could forget his past, but it haunts him no matter what he does.

Violet Hayes has had a rough life. When she was young, she was left with no family and the memory of her parents' unsolved murders. She grew up in foster homes, living with irresponsible parents, drugs, and neglect, and trying to fight the painful memories of the night her parents were taken from her. But it's hard to forget when she never got closure-and she can't stop dreaming about what happened that tragic night. To make it through life, she keeps her distance from everyone and never allows herself to feel anything.

Then Violet meets Luke. The two clash instantly, yet they can't seem to stay away from each other. Although they fight it, they both start to open up and feel things they've never felt before. They discover just how similar they are. But they also discover something else: The past always catches up with you . .

So I'm definitely on a Jessica Sorensen kick by reading all these books by her recently.  There's just something about her writing that is so addicting like the characters in her book.  They all have tragic pasts but it still amazes me how tied they are to one another without really knowing it.  How does she come up with these great stories and these relationships that matter so much to each of the characters.

This time we are focusing on Luke who is a complicated person with a past he's not too fond of and because of this he finds solace in hooking up with random girls and lots and lots of alcohol.  Which isn't good for so many reasons but specifically because he's a diabetic, but that's neither here nor there in the main focus of this book.  Violet literally falls into his life when she jumps out of a window and kicks him in the head in the process.  Something about this chance meeting intrigues him and they seem to run into one another over and over again in the most unexpected ways.  Even though they would have run into another now with the knowledge of the other it seems more intense.  They are both without a home and somehow end up moving in together.

There are secrets that Violet is keeping from everyone and she wishes them to stay that way but when a detective reopens her case suddenly the truth comes out in dribbles and it's just really hard for her to deal with.  But being with Luke makes it just that much easier.  Now if you know Jessica Sorensen's book you can imagine what is going to happen next but it is still exciting to follow down that path when truths are revealed.  It's a doozy in this one that's for sure.  The connection is unexpected and heartbreaking for both the characters.  You find this out in the end and you just want everything to work out but we just won't know what happens until the next book which i wish i had right now because I'm ready to continue this story.

We get a little bit of Seth and Greyson in this book but not as much as the last, they are two fun side characters that i enjoy reading about but overall this is all about Luke and Violet.  Their struggles with their pasts and the possibilities of their future, together.  It's exciting, intense and heartbreaking.  The characters are relate able and adorable and just addicting and I can't get enough of them and all their counterparts.

I love the cover, the story line and everything there is about this book and this series and all the series that has come from this author.  If you haven't read any of her books I'm not sure what you're waiting for.  Get on it.

I received this book from NetGalley and Disney Book Group, so that I may give my honest opinion and a review. Whether it is good or not please do not let it discourage you from purchasing/reading the book yourself and forming your own opinion. What might be good for me may not be good for you and vice versa. With that said, Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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