Monday, September 26, 2011

Kidnap Who?

I had to share this one because it's a really great question.  So the mini challenges continue at Princess Bookie, and yesterdays challenge was hosted by A Thousand Little Pages.

To Enter:
answer the following question:

You are now one of the fey, delighting in kidnapping the poor humans from their beds and bringing them into the faery realm. If you could kidnap anyone (fictional or otherwise), who would you kidnap, and what would you make them do for/to you?
(Sidenote: I would really appreciate it if you could keep your answers PG13. I'm sure you know what I mean by that...)

btw to answer you have to leave a comment on the post of her blog.  Such a great questions!

My Answer:
Pg13 hmm lol. That's tough ruins all my good kidnapping scenarios. I would kidnap some production company head exec (think dreamworks or something) and make them make movies out of my favorite books! Of course I would have say in it as well :-) Great question!

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