Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall

Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall
By Wendy Mass

I just sort of picked this book out from Amazon not really expecting anything about it, but it was a good read. It's written as poetry so it's a really quick read and not too much interpretation on the poetry end. It's just a story. About a girl who gets hit in the head with a dodge ball and goes into a coma. But while in this coma she goes to the mall where she's spent most of her life anyway and goes to the lost and found. Here she's given a bag full of items that tells different stories about her life. When people ask about your life you don't really tell them about it, you tell them a variety of stories that depicts your life. Does that make sense, well it was better worded in the book, this is why I'm not a writer. It's a really quick and easy read and makes you wonder about all the little things that happened so long ago and how those things shaped you to be the person you are today.

3 out of 5 stars

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