Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: A Brit on the Side By Brenda St. John Brown

A Brit on the Side
By: Brenda St. John Brown
Release Date: August 15, 2016
Series: Calder Castle #1

Bea’s English escape plan: 
• Work in a real British castle
• Quality time with bestie
• Figure out what spotted dick really is
• Fall for bestie’s older brother. Hard. 

Bea Gillespie would rather do anything than teach summer school math two classrooms down from her ex-fiancé. So when her best friend, Scarlett, invites her to England for the summer to work in her family’s castle-turned-hotel, she jumps at the chance.

Now Bea’s an ocean away from her problems at home, but she’s got a bigger one. A British one. Scarlett’s older brother, Jasper, is at Castle Calder for the summer, too. And he’s as sexy and smart as Bea remembers. Two years ago Jasper came stateside, and he and Bea shared a hot weekend. But that’s all it was — a weekend. One she purposely didn’t tell Scarlett about.

It didn't feel like much of a secret until now. As Bea falls for Jasper, what started off as a fling begins feeling more and more like the kind of thing you’d gush about to your best friend. If you hadn’t been lying to her all along.

This book makes me want to go to a castle and explore all over England, just because.  It was so very sweet and endearing and really if you think hard about it, totally realistic.  This could happen, maybe not to me but it can definitely happen.  Brenda St. John Brown really did a great job bringing all these characters to life in a beautiful setting that is fairy tale like, but realistic.  I adored this book and everything about it.

We meet Scarlett and Bea as they are off to spend the summer in England working in Scarlett’s family’s castle hotel.  Sounds adventurous from the very beginning but throw in the unexpectedness of Scarlett’s brother also being there (after a quick tryst in Atlanta with Bea unbeknownst to Scarlett), it’s just a plan for something amazing to happen, good or bad.  It’s always hard when you have to keep secrets from your best friend, but it’s even harder when it involves their family members and your heart.  When Bea and Jasper first reunite it’s a little off to say the least.

There is an absolutely large amount of tension between the two of them.  But it’s that tension and intensity that make these two quite interesting and addicting.  Their interactions range from sweet, frustrating, terrifying and downright sexy as hell.  The intensity that Jasper has is intoxicating, both to myself and Bea, they have some chemistry going on.  When they are on good terms Jasper really pulls out all the stops, it’s the sweetest thing ever. 

Without giving any more of the plot away this was a very well written book that made you root for the two of them to finally come to their senses and make things happen.  I understand the trouble with it being your best friend’s brother but that doesn’t mean you have to choose one over the other.  The relationship in this book was intense intriguing and just downright hot at times, again major chemistry.  I loved this book and it’s a great start to a potentially great series.  I hope the next book is about the sister, Scarlett.  Very much a need to read.  It was quick and fun.  And hey you can do the whole thing with a British accent to make it that more interesting hehe.


I received this book from Goodreads and Brenda St. John Brown, so that I may give my honest opinion and a review. Whether it is good or not please do not let it discourage you from purchasing/reading the book yourself and forming your own opinion. What might be good for me may not be good for you and vice versa. With that said, Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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