Monday, October 22, 2012

Musing Monday - Crushes

MUSING MONDAYS… is a weekly event where MizB at Should be Reading will ask a book/reading-related question, and you answer with your own thoughts on the topic.

This week’s musing asks…
Do you ever get crushes on fictional characters? Name one (or a few), and tell what you liked…

What a really great question.  i mean really how can you not fall for some of these characters they are all around written beautifully that sometimes you just wish you had someone like that in your life, but nothing is perfect.  If I had to choose, a couple I guess the ones that stick out to me right now after reading this question:

Finn - from Elizabeth Scott's Something Maybe.  He sticks out to me because he was so much for the main character and she didn't even notice all the little things he would do for her.  What a really great stand up kind of guy you would want on your corner you know.

Wesley - from Kody Keplinger's The Duff.  He was falling for her and it's the story of player turned perfect boyfriend material.  I don't know something about him. 

John After - from Jennifer Echol's Going too Far.  I still think of him when I see a cop LOL.  I know that's bad right haha. But then all of Jennifer's books make me think.  Every time I see a plane with a banner I think of the characters in Such a Rush.  Every time I see Adrian Granier I think of Endless Summer (that's how I picture the main boy super yum).

The more I keep thinking about it the harder this question actually is.  I mean there are some great male characters and yeah when I read them I totally had crushes on them.  Anyone that can put a smile on my face and make me feel all giddy about them and their situation is good in my book lol. 
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