Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Dizzy by Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry

By: Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry
Release Date: November 15, 2012

Dylan doesn’t do relationships. He and his older brother watched their dad go through hell and back, so they made a pact years ago—no girl would come between the Gibson boys. But his brother sells out. He's getting married anyway. To the sister of a chick Dylan met at a party, who's probably the angriest girl he's ever met. Unfortunately, she happens to be hot, too.

Ziah’s life is upside down—her safe boyfriend turns out to be not-so-safe, and now her sister is getting married before college is over to the older brother of a spoiled, party boy who drives her crazy. And also makes her heart beat too fast.

There’s no denying the attraction, but there's also no denying how much they irritate each other. When they’re thrown together as forced wedding planners, they find an ally in each other--neither wants this wedding to happen.

But instead of putting a stop to the crazy nuptials they find themselves at fittings and cake testing. And maybe even…a few dates?
Dizzy is a novel about what happens when two people who are determined not to fall in love, maybe do anyway. Maybe.


This was an absolute fun and cute read, with a little seriousness thrown in for good measure.  I believe the two authors worked really well together in keeping this story consistent and very similar so that it seemed there was only one person writing the book.  That’s what a great collaboration is about, sound like one complete unit.

The characters in this book were wonderful and interesting with different layers of complexity that even they may not have known about.  With all their underlying issues they still seem to shine throughout the book.  We meet both Ziah and Dylan as their older siblings are about to marry each other.  They had a brief encounter previous to this big bomb shell being dropped on their laps and it was definitely one of those moments you remember throughout the book.  They are both very much against the wedding at first and feel that their siblings are going to be losing one another and separating from the family but they are trying their hardest to keep everyone together, especially when they have to go around doing wedding errands.

This brings Ziah and Dylan closer together, and even though one pushes back more than the other, there is still a very strong spark there that eventually they can’t deny.  Yes, it’s a bit weird because their siblings are getting married to each other, but they are not blood related.  Its fun to watch their ups and downs, and their almost moments, because I’m telling you it’s those almost moments that get me every single time.  You want something to happen so bad and you can feel it, taste it, anticipate it and it’s that feeling that gets your emotions going, the gasp, the tingles, the shivers whatever you want to call it overall it’s the reaction you want.

Each character is dealing with something that happened to them in their past or present, and it’s all about how they deal with it that matters and it’s wonderful when they learn to help each other.  This act only helps their bond grow stronger.  I though Dylan was a softie in disguise with a lot of emotional issues that I’m glad he’s able to get help with, what are those issues you have to read to find out.  On the other hand Ziah I think she finally realized what it is she wants and is going for it and so glad she dropped her baggage, because really not needed. 

Overall this book was great; I love the collaboration and would definitely pick up another book by either one of these authors.  The cover wasn’t too convincing for me, it didn’t seem like how I pictured either of the main characters and I get the idea of the noose and tying the knot but this book was so much more about relationships in general.  It wasn’t my favorite cover but it was still cute none the less. 

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