Tuesday, November 3, 2009


by Scott Westerfeld

I'm not one for the whole sci-fi thing but I like a good book and sometimes it's good to veer off the beaten path. i tried this book out, I've had it for a while (since the summer) but haven't really touched it because I tried to read it while on vacation and yeah I was too busy basking in the sun and waves so I never got around to it. Finally I said what the heck and am I ever so happy that I did. I really really enjoyed the book a lot to the point where I went right out and bought the rest of the books in the series because I just have to know what happens. I finished this book a couple days ago but I've been slacking in the blogging department for some time now. The book reminds me a lot of trying to create a utopian society by manufacturing people to a certain ideal (does that make sense?) anyway I love the book and can't wait to find out next!!!
5 out of 5

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